Transcript for Philip Leroy Warner, The Emigration of William Warner and Keziah Goodman Warner from England to the Utah Territory, 1854-1855 (1992

Keziah Miles Goodman Warner Maw sketch

“I embarked with a large company of Saints on board the Golden State bound for Atchison, Kansas the outfitting point for the overland journey to Salt Lake. . . . We found many large camps of Saints scattered on the prairie near Atchison, outfitting for their journey across the plains. Far as the eye could reach in every direction were to be seen the tents of Israel with their vast herds of cattle grazing on the rolling prairie. The largest of these encampments was out about twelve miles from the river at what was known as ‘Mormon Grove.’["] . . .

”Our oxen were very wild and one day a friendly Indian in his brightly colored blanket stopped and the first team became frightened. It started a stampede and one little boy fell from a wagon and was killed. During our travels, many took sick and died, and had to be buried by the roadside. Many of our oxen also died and we were forced to leave many wagons behind.”

[“]President Brigham Young was expecting us, and he sent some men with provisions to meet us as our supplies were getting very low.”