Transcript for "Pioneer of Ogden Dead," Ogden Standard Examiner, 30 Mar. 1925, 8

Mr. Hancock compiled a short record of his life and from this record is taken some excerpts as follows.

"We arrived in Salt Lake City, October 3, 1863, being nearly four months on the way. One mile out of Salt Lake we formed in procession, the brass band first and the Saints next and marched into the city and encamped on the Seventh Ward square. After having lunch the band seranaded President Brigham Young at the Lion house. . . .

"The brass band that I came with from Cardiff, South Wales was organized in Cardiff before we came to Utah. It was called the Welsh band and the members were: George Parkman, conductor (he played the baritone); Richard Tooger, first B-flat cornet; William Pugh, second B-flat cornet; William B. Gibbons, first tenor; Thomas Thomas, second tenor, Horation H. Hancock, tuba or E-flat bass; William Evans, drummer; also Dan Fowler, cornet. . . ."