Transcript for "Pioneer Sketch. Mathew H. Farnes," The Journal, 11 June 1827, 2

. . . I saved up my money with the intention of coming to America, and by 1860, I had enough to pay passage for brother Geo. and myself to Florence, Nebraska.  Nothing of particular interest happened on the journey.  At Florence we both got jobs.  George to drive a team for William Budge, and I to drive a team for Hooper and Eldredge of Salt Lake.  It was no trick for me to adapt myself to a teamsters job, after the cattle and I got acquainted, and I learned the knack.  I also got the job as cook for the outfit, so I fared very well.

On the trip across the plains we passed several hand-cart companies, and they seemed such a tired, worn out lot of people that my sympathies went out to them.  In our company was a big bully of a fellow who was picking on us younger fellows all the way across, and often making it very unpleasant for us.  I happened to say one day, that if he ever touched me he would get what was coming to him.  Some one told him and he came at me with a cane, and struck me over the head and knocked me senseless.  When I came too [sic] and realized what had happened, I picked up two rocks and threw one at him which he dodged, I then threw the other quickly and struck him on the head, he dropped like he had been shot.  I thought I had killed him as it took some time to bring him to his senses.  The captain told him it served him just right.  I had no further trouble with him.

We reached Salt Lake in October.