Transcript for Pratt, Parley P., Autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt [1888], 454-55

Tuesday, 14th.—All being ready, we took leave of the Saints in San Barnardino [Bernardino], and commenced our journey at nine o’clock, A.M.

Brothers Rich and Lyman, with several other friends, accompanied us a few miles, and ox teams and teamsters accompanied us for three days, to haul us over the Cajon Pass, where we took leave of them, and at evening organized our company as follows:—P[arley]. P. Pratt and wife, Rufus Allen, William Follett, Clark Ames, Samuel Gould, Andrew Calhoun and wife, Elisha Hyatt wife and child, Thomas Dowel, John Hyatt, John Green, George Clark, John Green was appointed captain of the guard. In all, eleven men, four women and one child. [Only three women are listed.]

We were soon joined by five Spaniards, who had near forty animals, mostly horses, who accompanied us for some hundreds of miles, and joined us in guarding, etc. Their animals being poor and unshod, we left them on the Rio Virgin. We met a company of twenty-four emigrants near the Salt Spring.

On the Muddy our camp was thronged with near sixty Indians, in a state of nudity, bringing with them green corn, melons, and dressed skins for sale, or exchange for clothing. They were all good natured and glad to see us; some of them accompanied us twenty-five miles, held our horses, guns, etc., and assisted us up the hills.

After twenty days we all arrived in safety at Santa Clara, about one hundred miles from the settlement in Iron County.

October 7th.—All arrived in safety in the settlement in Iron County, Utah, and were kindly received and entertained by the Saints.

I called on sister Robinson in the twilight of evening, and asked for the dinner which I had spoken for one and a half years before. We were kindly received by her and others.

We tarried three days in Parowan Fort and preached to the Saints.

Taking leave of the Saints we resumed our journey. Nothing worthy of note transpired during the rest of the journey, which was two hundred and fifty miles, mostly among the settlements, where we were kindly entertained.

On the 18th, near midnight, I arrived home.