Transcript for Radmall, Henry Bullivant, Autobiography 1903; 1987, 26-28

On the sixt of June we we maid another move to the musery [Missouri] river and crost it in tow [two] or three Days after we all fix our wagens up and and started on our jorney the next day. We [h]ad not gon far befor Brother [Daniel Rapyelle] Alans [Allen's] wagon som think broke and all the Compney went on and left us and we did not no what to do[.] we was Left then Exposed to the Indens [Indians] and nigh Coming on Brother Allen and Me adagreed [agreed] to Com together to Salt Lake City when all [h]ad lef[t] us Brother Allen felt it and so did I. and he wanted to go back and he asked me if I go back with him[.] I told him I did not want to go back as I [h]ad left a good Situation of work I rather go and see the Elfent as that was adain. the[n] about dark som of the Brethren came back to us and we got to the camp that night. Late but we did not get far on our jorney before I got my Leg broke and lade in the Dust on the road till the good old folks fixed it the best they new how but it was verey poley [poorly] fixed as they put the splinters on my bare leg and then bound it up[.] som time after when it was looke at one splinters worked about Level with the flesh when I picked it out poud flesh was under it that was bad and no thankin the Camp whol doc it aney good some time after another train came up and Dr. Johanor was in it and he let me have som stuff that soon cured it but that not all in our train from Landon[.] his name was F. Den[.]oey he was taking L. Mcat’s He Lorne came in my wagen to see me and he wanted to see my Leg[.] it was in a box taped up when he [h]ad untapt it[.] my foot was loped over it was clean and he said nothink he peated around it till he got fast old of my foot and then he gave it a twist and he put my foot straight as posoble—well I pass on and one Sunday they was goin to hold ameting [a meeting] well at my requst they took me out of the wagon and set me in a Chare and they held a long meeting but it was not a good time for me had I thought or they thought to put my foot up in a Chare it whold been all right as it was not so it was all rong as I have had pain in it more or less from that Day to this. the reason was when my foot anged down the blood on my Legg run down to the foot and when my foot got straight up again the Blood run down to my heel and burnt as if was put on the stove I thought and then it gathered and then I had a bad foot. but the train went on goglin [jogging] along, and I with some trouble and pain. up the Hills and down the dail [dale] till the ninth of September then we Landed in Salt Lake City in the yeare Eighteen Hundred and Fifty three . . .