Transcript for Peter Ranck report, 8 September 1861.

Captain Peter Ranck's independent train of about 20 wagons arrived in G. S. L. City. They had left Florence about June 20th. Elder Ranck writes:

"We left our camping place in June very early, went through Bluff City to the steam ferry, crossed to Omaha, thence up the river to Florence, passed through town and went about a mile west and camped after traveling about ten miles during the day. The next day we continued the journey, crossed the little and big Papea (Papillon) and traveled day after day; on the 24th we met two Church trains, one of them Ira Eldredge's. On the 25th we met Joseph W. Young's train of ox teams. In that train were Ansel Harman, James Malen, Wm. Piter , Joseph Weiler, etc. On the 28th we overtook a company of five wagons with emigrants which now joined us; crossed Wood river on July 2nd. On the 5th we passed the grave of James A. Allen who died in 1852 (July 7th) with the cholera at Boyd's Station. We arrived at Fort Laramie July 31st. The company was reorganized on August 21st on Strawberry Creek with Peter Ranck, captain, James Watson, captain of guard, also ten captains of ten; arrived at Pacific Springs on the 22nd. The train arrived in Salt Lake City Sunday, Sept. 8, 1861.