Transcript for Rasmussen, Mette Mortensen, Reminiscences

as the 9th day of November arrives in memory I am taken back over the Trip from my home in Denmark where I was Born and my early child hood was spent to Utah and the land of Zion. as soon as my father and mother heard the gospel they accepted it in the fall of 1855 and in the Spring of 1856 we prepeared to leave our happy little home fur the Land of Zion[.]

I remember how rough the north sea was[.] 8 in the family my oldest Brother was remained on a mission[.] how well I remember the day we went on Board the Ship <Thornton> at Liverpool. It was the 2nd day of may and my eleventh Birthday and on the 4the we set sale

our trip across the Ocean was 7 weeks and 4 days and we arrived in New Y[ork]. after a few days we left for Iowa city[.] My father had intended to purchase a team and wagon but was promised if he would bring to other poor saints and Join the Hand cart company not one member of his family should be lost[.] a promise that <despite the weather> was fulfilled[.] I remember that the first part of our Journey for the children was happy we thot only of the new home we were going to. but it <was> also sad for many of the things we had brought with us such as clothing and Beding that would have given us many a comfort had to be left behind[.]

many times we were very frightened at the sight of Indians and our journey was <a> hard one [.] The oxen stampeeded with the Bufflow and the Journey was hard. how well I remember when the food supply began to get short fur we had always had plenty of good food at home and this was hard fur me to understand.