Transcript for Record of Jesse Gardiner and Family, 14-16


I refer Particularly in crossing the plains[.] We was in a company w[h]ere Dr. Darwin Richardson was Captain. if all could have been managed according to his desires. I wish not <to> complain, But aplaud him as Captain of our company while crossing the plains. But this was not the case, for which I felt sorry very heart felt to Bleed, many times in crossing the plains. Because of mean saints, this is and will be long remembered by him who now writes. for I ever feel to sustain good men  especially under the above circumstances. while on this Journey on plains my wife gave Birth to a son of 7 months & 2 weeks, an untimely Birth, owing a great deal to distressed circumstances, & there seemed to be no fiew hearts of pity in & immediately around me. in 12 days the childs Mother held a Dead child in her Lap, not knowing it was dead. in 8 days after the Mother died being the 7 Day of Sept. Thursday, 1854[.] the child was born Augt 17 & Died on the 29, 1854. the Mother was Buried on a left hand cut of road, (travelling West) just the East side of the South Pass so called, on the upper side of the road at the Enterance of the Road about 270 miles or so from Salt L City. w[h]ere the child was Buried I cannot recollect. only West of Fort Larimie [Laramie]. some were Between there & indepenance [Independence] Rock. I was my much troubled with sore feet on this Journey, which made the matter more Difficult.

We emigrated under the arangments of the 13 companys arangment so called, & finally crossing the plains it was ok one thing, church trains or <P.E> Emigrating Compy. I arived in Great Salt Lake city Sept 30 – 1854