Transcript for "Remarks," Deseret News, 19 November 1856, 291

By Prest. Heber C. Kimball, Tabernacle, Nov. 9, 1856.

. . . . Capt. Smoot's and Capt. Willie's companies will arrive this afternoon, and the Bishops have prepared houses to take them to. A great many who went out to assist those companies, found their relatives and friends, and will take them home with them.

It is expected that the people will send in their offerings, and that the bishops will report to br. Hunter, their presiding Bishop, that he may direct the distribution of the provisions and comforts of life to the newcomers. And it will be necessary to be as careful in dealing out food to them, as you would be with little children, otherwise they will be apt to injure themselves by eating vegetables, &c. Now do you understand me?

Let your offerings be to your Bishops that they may be able to issue and control them in wisdom. This word of caution will also apply to those brethren who take the new comers in to their houses. Give them what you think they ought to eat, and no more; and have compassion upon them, and don't kill them with your kindness.—A great many are killed by unkind acts, but this is a case of sympathy, and if you are not very careful you will injure them instead of doing them good. . . .