Transcript for "Returned," Deseret News, 19 September 1866, 333

RETURNED.—We were pleased to receive a call from Elder Thomas Taylor on Wednesday, 13th inst., on his return from superintending the immigration business in the east this season. He had arrived the previous afternoon accompanied by Elders Isaac Bullock and W. W. Riter who had charge of forwarding the immigrants from the frontiers; and by Elders Joseph H. Felt, Elnathan Eldredge, jun., Joshua K. Whitney, Samuel H. Hill, Hyrum P. Folsom, James A. Cunningham and Harrison P. Shurtleff, returning missionaries, who had also rendered valuable assistance in forwarding the immigration. Dewey A. Shurtleff and John C. Cutler, who had been east, also returned with them, accompanied by Mrs. W. E. Bellwood and three children.

They had a very good trip across the plains, having made the journey in 26 days from leaving the frontiers. All the trains were making good time and getting along finely, as they were passed. The last train, Cap[tain]. [Abner] Lowry's, is expected in about the middle of October.

Elder Taylor informs us that the immigration traveled from New York this season by a new route, by New Haven, through Connecticut, into Massachusetts, then to Vermont, and by the Vermont Central line to Canada; thence west. This route, although longer, proved healthier than that usually traveled by our immigration, while the cost of transportation was $5 per head cheaper than by any other line. Br. Taylor speaks in very high terms of Lansing L. Millis, Esq., of the Vermont Central line, who contributed in every way he could to make the passengers comfortable and expedite their progress.

We greet these brethren with a hearty welcome, and are glad to see them again "at home."