Transcript for "Returned Missionaries," Deseret News, 9 September 1866, 317

RETURNED MISSIONARIES.—Elders Charles W. Stayner, Jonas N[uttall]. Beck, John L[uther]. Dalton, Junius S[extus]. Fullmer, W[illia]m. Wheeler and W[illiam]. D[avid]. Williams, returning missionaries, arrived with Capt. T[homas]. E. Ricks's train, from their missions to Europe. The four first named brethren left here in the spring of '63; the two last named in the spring of '64. It is a source of gratification to all lovers of the truth to see the willingness with which the elders respond to calls made for missionaries to bear the gospel to the nations; and it is a cause for thankfulness and gratitude to witness their returning in safety, having labored in faithfulness to accomplish the object for which they went forth. We most heartily welcome our brethren, the missionaries, back again to the mountains.