Transcript for Rhead, Josiah, [Excerpts from record book], in Edward H. Rhead, Journal and record book, 4

We were about thirty five days on our trip from Liverpool to Boston; we had a tolerable good passage. we took the cars at Boston, and traveled by rail, to Iowa <arrived there July 8, 1856> where we camped several weeks. We started from Iowa camp very late in the season, to cross the plains, in Edward Martins hand-cart company which suffered so severely from cold and hunger[.] a great portion of the company died of starvation and cold, before they arrived at Salt Lake City. It was our good fortune to be, detained in Iowa through sickness, after traveling with the company in the neighborhood of one hundred miles, we stoped at a small Town called Newton in Iowa, that fall and winter. The following spring we moved thirty five miles farther west to Fort Des. Moines Iowa, where we lived untill 1861 . .