Transcript for Rich, Charles Coulson, Diary, vol. 8, 65-72, in Collection, 1832-1908

Satturday 5th I started at ten for the Valley in co with six Brethren[,] the rest having gone over the mountain[.] we went to pleasant Valley 30 mil[e]s[.] staed all night

Sunday the 6th we went to camp creek 35 mils

monday 7th we went to Lake Valley 40 miles

Tuesday 8th we started early[,] overtook Pomroy and co at the foot of the 2 mountain[.] we went on[.] it snowed fast 2 hours[.] we camped with the co in carson 40 miles

Wednesday 9th we sig[n]ed up and started out[.] traveled 10 m[.] 46 <51> in co

Thursday 10th we traveled 25 mils and camped on Carson River

Friday 11th we traveled 30 miles and camped on Carson

Satturday 12 traveled 30 mils and camped on Carson River

Sunday 13th we traveled 3 4 mils and camped on River for feed[.] Lay buy and rested to prepare for the Desert.

Monday 14th Started across the Desert at 11 oclock[.] the wind blew verry hard and the Dust blew so thick that we could not see our animals and we stoped till late and went 5 mils and staed all night[.] 20 miles from carson about 50 animals run back[.] Several Packs went back[.] Camp scattered

Tuesday 15th sent 3 men back to the river[.] rest of the camp went on and camped at the Sink[.] in the evening the 3 men came up with all the animals except 12 head[.] one or two packs Lost

Wednesday 16th traveled 20 mils and camped at the meddows

Thursday 17th traveled 20 mils and camped on the river[.] Indians Smokes to be seen ahead

Friday 18th traveled 25 mils and camped on the river

Satturday 19th traveld 20 mils and camped on the river[.] Still Smokes to be seen and tracks in the road

Sunday 20th traveled 25 mils[.] Indians to be seen along the river apeared hostile[.] Some shot at

Monday 21st traveled 25 mils[.] Smokes Indians plenty to be seen

Tuesday 22nd traveled 25 mils[.] Indians and smokes to be seen some fireing[.] ten horss got of the Indians by O P Rockwell[,] Tim Goodall and Doc Stoddard

Wednesday 23rd traveled 25 mils[.] Indians bad[.] some fireing[.] Camped near Stoney Point

Thursday 24th Started[.] aftr traveling 2 or 3 mils met two men on foot[.] one by the name of Abraham Bradshaw the other [blank space] we took them in and the[y] came back with us[.] traveled 25 mils

Friday 25 after traveling 2 mils at the crossing of the river we found 3 men murdered <by Indians> Stirped naked who had been companions of the two we had met names George Foresyth, Richard Lewis and Joel [blank space]. these men gave account of 3 men ahead and two be hind which is no doubt killed by the Indians[.] we sank these boddies in a deep hole of watter having no tools to dig grave[.] traveled t 20 mils camped

Satturday 26th traveled 25 f mils and camped[.] Indians smoke to be seen some Indians also

Sunday 27th traveled 25 mils and camped[.] Still Smokes and Indians to be seen

Monday 28th traveled 20 and camped on a small creek 8 mils from the last crossing of monjs river. at 11 o clock in the evening O P Rockwell and Tim Goodall both fired at some indians which was creeping into camp[.] one Indian killed on the ground

Tuesday 29th traveled about 30 mils and camped on a small creek near feed

Wednesday 30th traveled 15 mils camped in a small Valley

Thursday 31 traveled 15 mils stoped in the plain[.] some animals failed

Friday November 1st Came over on Goos[e] Creek. traveled 20 mils

Satturday 2nd traveled 20 mils[.] Camped at the foot of Goos Creek mountain

Sunday 3rd crossed the mountain camped at Governors Island 31 mils[.] about 4 inches snow <to night> ingered [injured] our poor animals Verry much

Monday 4th traveled 16 mils campd on a small Creek some animals gave out[,] one of mine

Tuesday 5th traveled 8 mils and camped at cedar Point

Wednesday 6th crosed a Large Valley camped on nort[h] side[.] 18 mils

Thursday 7th traveled 20 mils camped in a small Valley

Friday 8th traveled 14 mils camped at the warm spring in Salt Lake Valley

Saturday 9th we crosed the Malad[.] swam our animals[.] carried our goods over on a temporary Bridge[.] Crosed Bear River camped 10 miles below on Spring Creek[.] traveled 18 miles

Sunday 10th traveled 25 mils[.] S Arived at Brown Fort[.] Put James T Seaton in care of the Bishop having been sick some time[.] he died about 11 oclock at night

Monday 11th I came Down to my farm in Cherry s neighbour Hood[.] 30 mils[.] staid all night and

Tuesday 12th I arrived in the city at ten oclock in the morning <12 miles> found my family and frends generally well