Transcript for Richards, Joseph Hill, Joseph H. Richards Autobiography and Family History, 9

We had a branch organization. David Woods was the President. We had a beautifull place of about 50 acres. Of course it was only a squaters claim. We lived there 4 years, in the spring of 1851 we started for the Great Salt Lake Valley as it was called, and Salt Lake City held the name of Great Salt Lake City for many years, (it is now known as Salt Lake City.) while in Iowa our family had increased[.] our brother Hurum [Hyrum] Thomas Hill Richards was born March 22 on 1849 an[d] before leaving Iowa father sold his claim of 50 acres. 20 acres clean an fenced with all improvements an 4 hogs for $54.00.

After starting for Salt Lake Valley we were ordered back after traveling 75 miles making our intire distance 1205.

One remarkable courance [occurance] happened while crossing the plains. Our little Rachel was run over by a heavy loaded wagon, it run directly over her head, she was picked up and administered to. She soon went to sleep, an when she awoke she seemed all right.

When we reached the Salt Lake City the middle of Sept.1857 [1851], where we found several relatives that had preceded us we stayed a few days in the City then went to Mill Creek Ward.