Transcript for Richards, Morgan, "Morgan Richard's Story," in Luella Adams Dalton, History of the Iron County Mission and Parowan, The Mother Town (1962), 68

We emigrated through the Perpetual Emigration Fund from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. We arrived at Salt Lake City, September 30, 1854, and camped with the wagon train in Emigration Square. I went with my mother to Bishop Hunter's Office to get food supplies. He was very kind and furnished the necessary provisions. President Young was very thoughtful in providing for the emigrants. Even apple pies, chicken stew and other dainties were furnished by the good saints of Great Salt Lake City. Several wagons loaded with new potatoes and other provisions had been sent out from the valley to meet our train, as it came along by the Sweetwater of Devil's Gate. We had fresh buffalo meat and fish caught in the Platte but it was a rare treat to get the potatoes. There were about a hundred wagons in the train.