Transcript for Richardson, William, Diary, 1884-1894, fd. 1, 2p

We sarted from Florance [Florence] on the 9 of Agust[.] We started about Noon & when we got about a mile on the road it cominced to thunder & Rain[in]g & weat every thing in the Wagon & after it quit raning we went three or 4 Miles & then campd for the night we got along right til we came to Loup fork & thay took the Wagons on the fary Boot & the Cattle had to Swime part of the way[.] we drove som times at [...] night to gate good fead & water we drove late won Night & William catched cold & took the Mountin Fevear & was sick all the way after that he got sick when we was at fort Larmay [Laramie].

Thare was wone day when we was at the Sweat water [Sweetwater.] thare a Brother the nam<e> o Smith went out to hunt in the morn<ing> to hunt & he had travled very fast & he cam into Camp a little while after the Cattel was turned out & he went and laid doon in the Wagon & his Brother caled for me to comb to him & he poot water on his hands & face while I was holding his hand & I feeled him just give a trember & that was all thay [ca..] him in the Wagon all afternoon but that was no good[.] he was ded[.] thare was a Wagon load of Pooder [powder] in the train & the Solders wanted to take it so when we came to Green river thare wone of the Solders came into Camp & when he came the Cabtin Isic Isaac] C[hauncey] Hait [Haight] took him to his tent & talked to him about 2 or 3 hours with him & the tim tht he was thare the Wagon with the pooder Croced [crossed] over Green river into the Mountins and unload the pooder into sacks & came back the nixt day[.] we just croced over the river that Night & Camped & then the next day thare was a compnay of Solders came along from Hambsfork [Ham's Fork] & stoped us on the road[.] sarched all the train[.] did not find the lood of pooder then thay told us to go. When we came to kambels Parlays Park won of Snaders sons wanted me to stop thare & live with him all winter & thay wanted to leve the sick Boy & his Mother thare but I wanted to see Salt Lake City[.] then he wanted me to go into Salt Lake & he would bring us back to Snader valla

So on the 4 of October we got into the Sity [City] & as soon as we got into the City Brother Snader came & took the Wagon & got it unload & took us home to his hous. . . .