Transcript for Richey, James, Autobiography [n.d.], 4-5

. . . Soon after i was married i crost the missi[ss]ppi river and started west[.] wee stopt on the desmoin [Des Moines] river and waited for some provistions[.] wee also stopt on fore river and workt a while[.] wee then traveled on to pisga[h.] here I was taken down sick and was neare unto death but finally i got beter and my wife was takeen down sick and was very low for a long time but finally recovered[.] i stayed at pisga[h] tel late in the fall when mee and my brother in law Joseph mangum moved to winter quarters on the missouri river whare I stayed tel spring[.] while we ware in ioway [Iowa] my brother benjamin left is [us] and went on to council bluffs[,] whare entered the mormon battallion and went to calafornia [California] whare he died and thus i was deprived of a friend that was neare and deare to mee

my wifes mother died at winter quarters from being exposed in traveling in an inclemant season of the year[.] i stayed at winter quarters tel spring and then started with the first camp for the vall[e]y of the mountains whare i arrived with my family after a long and tegious [tedious journey]—i arrived in salt lake vally in october in the year 1847[.] i left my fathers family at winter quarters on the missouri river whare they lived tel the spring of forty eight when they started for salt lake vally and joined mee in the fall of the same year[.] when they left my father started on a mishion [mission] to texas leeveing his mother at winter quarters[.] he filled his mishion and returnd to winter quarters and emigrateed to the val[l]ies in the year 50 [gran…] and ther[e] died of colerry [cholera]