Transcript for Riter, S. W., "Pioneer S. W. Riter," Utah Journal, 10 July 1897

We left Winter Quarters on the 12 th of June, just one year to the day after leaving Nauvoo, and then it was that I gained my first experience as a bull-whacker. I was hardly twelve years old, but I remember taking my turn standing guard morning and evening, though I was considered too young to stand guard during the night. We were in “Uncle John’s”—Young—company, Jedediah M. Grant was captain of the hundred; Bates Noble captain over our fifty, and Amos Neff, now of Mill Creek, was captain of our ten.

Upon our arrival in Salt Lake Valley, which occurred on the 3rd of October, 1847, we pitched our camp just northeast of the springs in what is now Charles Taylor’s lot in the southwest corner of the Fourteenth ward;