Transcript for Robert Gardner diaries and reminiscences, 1857-1887, volume 4: 50-54, and volume 6: 61, 63, 65, 67

they located Salt Lake City and rased the amaracan [American] flag on ensign peak around hill on the mountains north of the City and took posson of the country in the nam of the united States. for that part of the country then belonged to Mexaco. but the US States was then at war with Mexico[.] they then planted corn and potatos and other Seeds and Survaed [surveyed] the City[,] left a company to bild houses and Started back for winter quarters[.] while this was going on[,] the Saints on the Missouri river, for there was maney camps there beseds winter quarters[,] were preparing all that could to follow the pinaneers [Pioneers] for that was the counsl[,] and farming places was Salected for those that was not able to come, so that they might put enough and sustain them Selves till they could come. Bro. John Talor [Taylor] and Parley P. Prat arived in winter quarters from a mison to England while the Saints were getting r[e]ady to Start and we traveled with them acros the plains.

the most of the company left winter quarters and <other&st; places e[a]rley in June[,] went to the horn river[,] I think 20 miles[,] and organised ne[a]r there on the plat river at liberty po[o]l and Started on the 15[,] I will here go back to our stay in Winter quarters. my brother myself and James Cragee[,] one of the pininears [Pioneers,] got out the timber for the grist mill[.] I menshened, I dun the hueing with the bro[a]dax[.] while doing so[,] I was taken with the fever and ago [agu]. but thought I would not giv up. but I had to. one day I went home and went to bed and was crasey [crazy] all day. when my brother and Crage came home I got them to administer to me[.] next morning I was well and at work by daylight and kept so till we got to the horn just menshened. here we had to cros the river on a raft made of logs and puled a cros by a rop by mens Stranth[strength.] we concluded to try ox Stranght in place of men which proved a Success but, my wagon was the first tried with oxen and lack of exparience[.] the te[e]m started before the wagon was blocked or balanced, being to ner the hand end of the raft and the rop being hitched to the front end rased the front up and my wagon and famley and all I had began to rol back in to the river[.] I caught the hind whel and held it till acros but the raft was nerly on end, but God helped me and we were Saved

next day the rop brock [broke] that puled the raft and I swam the river twice to get it tied and keepd fev[er]ing in my wet clos which gave me the fevour and ago [agu] again[,] which stuck to me half way acros the plains at the organism before named. We ware placed under captins of hunders and of fiftyes and of tens[.] Elder John Tailor [Taylor] then one of the twelve, now the President of the church travled in our caumpaney [company.] our travle was all Smoth, til we got about one hunder miles[,] to a place ca[l]led the pa<w>ne vilage a diserted indain town[.] the train Stoped to fix a bridge and and I being Several teems back Started on to help[.] I had gon but a fue Steps when my nigh nigh whel leder turned of[f] the ro[a]d to pick gren gras. my oldest boy, Robert R[,] being in the wagon, and being very careful Stept down of the tung [tongue] to Stand at the oxens head till I would come back. in doing So the nigh wheler kicked him[,] throughing [throwing] him under the wheel. then Started up the wagon run[n]ing both hind and front whels over his bowels[.] I was nere anough to see it all but couldn[']t get to him in time to Save him[.] we lade him in the wagon and Started on. that afternoon he got out of the wagon and ran along and plaid to Show me that he was not much hurt to try and make us fell [feel] bet[t]er but he Soon got into the wagon and never got out again without help. he lived till we traveld Several hunder miles and died on deer creek on the platt river[.] he Semed to get worce every day[.] He was hurt in his Kidneys and suffered fifty deaths. he lived till there was nothing left but the Skin and bones. I had to drive my teem all day and Sit and hold him all night[.] driving over five hunder miles travls and See him Sufer all the time. my wife [Jane McKeown] dun all all She could al but She had 3 other children very Small to attend to and Sick part of the time and I was shaking with the ago [agu] every other day. my relations dun all they could do for me and So did all my frainds [friends] but every one had there hands full[.] we buri[e]d him on the bank of the platt river he was about five years and a half old[.] fut the fol[low]ing Se[a]son when my brother past that way he had to rebiry his bones casesd [caused] by wolves. by this time I had lost 2 of my best oxen and replaced them with unbroken cows.

my next havey travle hapened near fort Bridger Something ner one hunderd miles from Salt Lake valley. here my onley boy left (name William now on a misson in New Zeland) fel out of the wagon while going and the Same 2 wheals that ran over Robert ran over him, over his 2 ancles[.] he was the youngest baby I picked him up[.] the Elders came and adminertered to him and he was all right in a fue days. my wagon was havie loded for 3 yoke of oxen. I seen the whels go over both his ancles no mistake about it. I afterwards through Some larg bufloue [bufflow] bones under the Same wheals and they were crushed to powder

with maney other defictles [difficulties,] we made our way over the rivers through the canyons and over the mountains and reached Salt Lake Valley at the mouth of emagration Kanyon on Oct the 1, 1847[.] my wagon was badly brock[,] my teem ne[a]rly gave out and my Self give out. we looked over the Valley there was not a house to be Sen nor aney thing to make one of. but we was glad to See a resting place and felt to thank God for the Sight. we then drove down to the camping place.