Transcript for "Robert Newton Egbert of Lewiston Among the Oldest Pioneer Residents There," The Journal, 15 January 1927, p. 11

My parents left Nauvoo with the main body of the saints in the month of February 1846 and crossed Iowa in the early spring, sharing with others the hardships of the journey during the most inclement season of the year.  My father crossed the plains with the pioneer company under Prest. Young in 1847, but returned to Winter Quarters the same fall.  We remained at Council Bluffs during 1848 and made a crop and made preparations to cross the plains the next year.  We left the Missouri river in April 1849 and joined Allen Taylors company.  Redick Allred was captain of fifty and father captain of ten.

On the plains our company had only one serious accident; the trains were travelling in two columns, when one of our teams ran away pulling the front wheels from under the wagon box, and ran into a wagon on the other train and killed a woman names Findley.  They then ran out on the prairie and circled around and came back and ran over a woman named Hawks [Margaret Hawk], and killed her.

We reach Salt Lake about Sept. 13. . . .