Transcript for Robert T. Burton diaries, 1856-1907; Record book, circa 1856 October-November

Relief part sent to aid Hand Cart Co 1856

R. T. Burton

[Note: The record contains several pages listing items distributed to the rescued parties as well as to some of the rescuers. Entries are generally shown with a “Dr” (Debit) or “Cr” (Credit) in the right margin. This appears to be an attempt to use accounting terms to document the distribution of supplies as well as the receipt of some. The “Dr” or “Cr” will be shown at the beginning of the paragraph]

No[v] 3rd furnished J A Young & Garr
12 lbs of flower[,] Coffee[,] Sugar &c

Van cotts Teamster 5 lbs sugar 5 lbs of Coffe
15th Wm [William Edward] Partington[,] 10 lbs of flour
Wm Partington[,] 2 lbs of Coffee[,] 2 lbs of sugar
16th Wm Partington[,] 12 lbs of flour
17th Wm Partington[,] 8 lbs of flour
19th Wm Partington[,] 18 lbs of flour
19th Wm Partington 15 lbs of Beef

Capt E Martain [Edward Martin]
Oct 31[,] 25 pairs mens Shoes
Oct 31 7 pairs mens Boots
Oct 31 27 pairs Womens Shoes
Oct 31 43 pairs Boys Boots & Shoes
Oct 31 157 pairs Socks & Stockings
Oct 31 12 Quilts
Oct 31 27 Womens under garments
Oct 31 18 Quilts & Comforts
Oct 31 8 pairs Mittens
Oct 31 23 Childrens dresses
Oct 31 24 petticoats
Oct 31 30 pairs of pants
Oct 31 7 Mens Vests
Oct 31 45 dress & frock Coats
Oct 31 7 Jackets
Oct 31 18 wolen dresses
Oct 31 20 Womens Capes & Mantels
Oct 31 9 Womans dresses
Oct 31 10 Boys Coats
Oct 31 36 Hoods
Oct 31 18 Shalls [Shawls]
Oct 31 27 neckties <handkercheifs> & 14 neckties
Oct 31 9 pair of pants
Oct 31 29 Womens Petticoats
Oct 31 14 Cotten Shirts
Oct 31 8 Womans Socks
Nov 1st 525 lbs of flour
Nov 2nd 606½ lbs of flour
Nov 2nd 1 little bundle of clothes by S J Rich Nov 3rd 2 bushels of Onions
Nov 3rd 2997 lbs of flour
Nov 3rd 40 pair of socks & stockings
Nov 3rd 12 pettecoats 1 pair of shoes
Nov 3rd 25 blankets
Nov 7th 4 Blankets 1 shall
Nov 15th 32 articles Childrens Clothing
Nov 15th 4 boys & mens vests
Nov 15th 42 Womans & Childrens Socks
Nov 15th 25 Childrens dresses
Nov 15th 8 pettecoats 1 pair of drawers 2 shirts
Nov 15 th 31 artacles Childrens Clothing
Nov 15 th 5 pair of Shoes
Nov 15th 48 Hoods
Nov 16th 311 lbs of flour
Nov 16 th 485 lbs of flour
Nov 16 th 27 lbs of Salt
Nov 17th 440 lbs of flower
Nov 18th 476 lbs of flower
Nov 19th 510 lbs of Beef
Nov 19th 3 Blanketts

C[harles F] Decker
to 2000 lbs of flour

C. Decker
by paid Capt Martain
1724 lbs of flour

J Parrish
800 lbs of flour[,] 1 bushels Onions
Nov 7th 1 Coat Rec d of Sister Smith
12th 3 lbs sugar 3 lbs Coffee for the Mess
15th 2 lbs of Coffee ½ lb of Tea
15th 20 lbs of flour
17 10 lbs of flour for Co
18th 38 lbs of flour 30 lbs of Beef
3 ¾ lbs of sugar 1 sack of Oats

by paid A O Smoot 100 lbs
by paid Capt Martain 536
1 bushel Onions

Wm Parker
808 lbs flour

by paid Martain 672 lbs

Jones & Wheelock
120 lbs of flour
10 [illegible]

Capt Hodgett
191 lbs of flour
10 lbs of flour to J Rouley
16th 110 lbs of flour to Hodgetts Co
[total] 311 [lbs of flour]

H[orace]. S. Eldredge Cred[it]
853 lbs of flour

by paid Martain
741 lbs of flour

C H Wheelock
Nov 9th to N H Felt
Nov 9th 10 lbs of Coffee
Nov 9th 29 lbs of sugar (of N H Felt)
Nov 9th 30 lbs of flower to Godsall
15th 19 lbs of flower to Godsall
16th 20 lbs of flour
19th 21½ lbs of Beef

Gates & Knights
10 lbs of flour
Nov 15th 2 lbs of Coffee & sugar
19th 26 lbs of flower
19th 45 lbs of Beef

David Wilkins[Wilken] Mess
Nov 14th to 4 lbs of sugar 2 lbs of Coffee
R[obert] Wilson 27 lbs of Beef
18th Peter Carney 2 lbs of sugar
19th Peter Carney 7½ lbs of Beef
Harmersons Mess 45 lbs of Beef

Hunts Co
Nov 16 95 lbs of flour
19 104 South Pass
21st 551 Sent back from Green R[iver]
22nd 378 Sent by Brown
22nd 782 Sent by J. Kary
[Total] 1910

[Henry] Goldsbrough Mess
16th 14 lbs of flower
18th 20½ lbs of Beef
19th 22 lbs of flour
19th 1 sack of feed to [Edwin Martin] Peck
1 Sack to Goldsbrough

Bullock Mess
19th 5 lbs of sugar
15 lbs of flower
1 Bushel of Oats

D[aniel W.] Jones & Co
Nov 9th to 200 lbs of flour
Nov 9th 8 lbs of Salt
Nov 9th 28½ lbs of Coffee (by J Vancotts)
Nov 9th to ½ hyde of leather (by J Vancotts)
Nov 9th to 1 Over Coat for D Jones

Sundry Sanders
Nov 9th to one flanel Shirt

Camp Journal
Relief Train Capt Grant
Tuesday 7th Oct /56
left G SL City going East to meet the Emigrating Comp Encamped to night at the foot of the Big Mountain

8th Passed Over the Big Mountain & Camped in East Kanion [Canyon.] had a light snow storm

9th had good Roads[.] Camped in Echo Kanion [Canyon]

10th Encamped near a little grove at the head of Echo

11th traveled down the Old Pyoneer [Pioneer] Road Encamped to night a big hollow[.] good feed & water

12th arrived at Fort Bridger left some of our flour, feed &c at this place, got some beef, &c. Camp <d on blaks fork>

13th left F Bridger Camped to night on Blacks fork met Br Smoot[,] Dan Jones & others & some teams returning that had been back on the road[,] got tierd of waiting.

14th Brother Smoot returned with us to meet his C[ompany.] & Camped to night on Blacks Fork[.] again sent on an express to meet the cos & report Back to us their Situation[,] whereabouts &c[.] C H Wheelock[,] J A Young[,] Stephen Taylor[,] A. Garr

15th traveled to Green River left some flour[,] feed &c. Camped to night on little<big> Sandy at 8 o clock PM

16th at the Bigt Sandy met Capt Smoot Camped here to night[,] let him have some flower & beef[,] teams &c[,] 18 men

17th Started late[.] Camped on little Sandy[,] feed scarce[,] looked like storm very much

18 Clear & fair. Storm passed to the right & left of us <over a long pass> Camped to night on the head of Sweet water[,] good feed & wood[,] looked stormy

19th Killed 1 Beef[.] started afternoon Camped below the mouth of Willow Creek to night[.] commenced Storming[,] Cold[,] good feed

20th Stayed in the same place to day[.] Br Willey [Willie] came to us near night fall

21st Started early in the morning to meet Capt. Willeys Co[.] Camped with them to night[.] deal out to them flower[,] Clothing[.] Wm. Kimball & several others returned with him with teams &c snow deep

22nd Traveled 17 miles[.] Snow growing deeper & deeper all the way[.] Camped to night near the Wallaqualtah <under> [illegible] Rock[.] not mutch feed

23rd Stayed in the same Camp[,] snows deep[,] could not travel

24th Clear & fair[,] some warmer[.] Started on[.] Camped to night below three crossing of Sweet Water [Sweetwater.] Snow still deep[.] Saw a large herd of Buffalo 3 miles distant

25th wind blowed hard[.] Camped to night below the Wallahualtah Rock[.] Snow going away Slowly[,] weather some warmer

26th traveled 19 miles encamped near the Devils gate[.] found the Express that had been sent on at this place waiting further Orders[.] heard nothing from the Co behind

27th remained in the same place[,] feed tolerable good[.] from this point sent on another express to the Bridge on Platt River[.] J A Young[,] A Garr[,] D Jones to find the Co if Posable & report Back their situation, whereabouts &c

28th remained in the same Camp[.] weather fine snow going away[.] at night Cloudy[,] snow began to fall fast[.] after Prayer ceased snowing

29th in the same Camp[.] fine warm morning[.] Continued through the day

30th good weather Snow going away slowly[.] remained in the same Camp[.] express returned to night 7 Oclock[.] reported the Companyes on the Platt[e] River[.] had been Encamped their three days not far apart

31st fine & Clear started this morning to meet the Co of Hand Carts[.] met them on grease wood Creek[.] Camped with them to night[.] dealt to them Clothing[,] flower &c

Nov 1st Started back to the Valley[.] Br Grant & myself went back to meet Br Hodget[t]s Co 4 or 5 miles back[.] about noon Commenced snowing[.] snowed until late at night[.] Camped near Independence Rock

2nd Camped to night at the Devils Gate[.] Snow deep & very Cold

3rd remained at the same place so cold that the Co could not move[.] Sent an express to Salt D L City[,] J A Young[,] Abel Garr to report our situation & get Counsel & help

4th Cold continued very severe[.] People could not move[.] Stowed away the goods of the trains in the houses[.] Martins Camp moved 3 miles & Camped

5th weather continued very Cold[.] neither of the Companyes moved[.] Capt Hunts Com arrived here at 8 Oclock P M

6th colder than ever Thermometer 11 Deg’s below Zero[.] Stowed away the goods of Capt Hunts Train[.] none of the Camps moved[.] So cold the People Could not travel

7th yet remained Cold[.] Could not travel[.] Stowing away goods trying to save the People & stock &c

8th wind did not blow so hard some warmer this morning[.] hunting up the Cattle & horses to move on the morrow[.] Camped in at the same place

9th fine Warm morning[.] hand Co & Capt Hogets [Hodgetts] Co moved on at 11 Oclock A M[.] Capt Hunts not yet done cashing [caching] goods[.] very pleasant morning preparing This evening had a meeting of the Officers of the Companeys to appoint Brothers to remain with the goods left here by Capt Hodgets & Hunt[.] Br D Jones left in Charge or president[,] T[homas] M[urphy] Alexander[,] Benjamin Hampton[,] Counselers with 17 other Brethern from the two Companeyes[.] The Brethern were instructed in their duties

during our stay at this place we had meetings every evening to Counsel to gether & ask the Lord to turn away the Cold & storms so that the People might live

10th very fine morning[.] Capt Hunts Co fixing to start on getting up Cattle &c[.] the last wagons moved on about 2 Oclock[.] Capt Grant[,] C H We[e]lock[,] S Taylor & myself moved on at 3 Oclock[.] Camped that night with Capt Hodgetts

11th Started early in the morning overtook the hand cart Co 10 Oclock[.] Br E[phraim K] Hanks was with them from the valley[.] Brought good news[.] Camped to night on Bitter Cottonwood

12th fine morning warm for the season[.] sent on an express to the south Pass[.] it returned 5 Oclock this evening[,] met 4 teams with some flower [flour.] Camped above the 3 crossings.

13th verry pleasant morning[.] Companys all moving on finely[.] Camped again on the sweet Water at the lower end of the 16 mile drive

14th Weather vary pleasant all the Co moving on[.] Camped on the 16 mile drive about 4 miles from sweet water[.] good feed not much feed[.] no deaths in Camp to night[.] Capt Hunt Co ahead[,] Hodget near

15th Weather continued fine & Warm[.] traveled on 8 miles & Camped on Sweetwater[.] not much Wood[,] not verry good feed

16th met 10 teams from the valley[,] Br Calls Co[,] on the Rocky ridge[.] Camped in a little Cottonwood grove[.] good wood & feed

17th fine warm day[.] Camped on the Branch of Sweetwater

18th Cloudy[,] snowing in the afternoon[.] met several Teams[,] Wm Kimbal[,] [James] Ferguson[,] J[oseph] Simmons[,] [Hosea] Stout &c[.] Camped to night at our S[t]ation on Sweetwater

19th Snowing in the morning[.] sent an express to the City[.] Co moved on all in Wagons 3 Oclock[.] Capt Grant & myself after seeing the Ox trains moved on after the Co. Camped to night on dry Sandy

20th this morning Brothers Grant[,] Kimbil & others Started to the City[.] I was left in Charge of the Companey Camped at bend on Big Sandy

21st this morning looked like storm[,] in the afternoon snowed a little[.] met some Teams with some flower &c Camped to night on green River

22nd this morning fair but Cold[.] met more Teams[.] Sent some back to the Ox Trains with flower &c[.] Camped on Blacks Fork

23rd fine day some Cloudy snowed again at night[.] Camped at Bridger

24th this morning took in supplyes for the Co from Br Robison[.] started late Camped on the muddy[.] Cold[,] good wood & feed

25th this morning Started another Express to the City[.] C H Wheelock[,] Bullock & others[.] sent two other Teams to the Ox Trains[.] Camped on Bear River. plenty of wood

26th Cold but Clear[.] Camped to night in the head of Ecco [Echo] Kanion [Canyon.] <here we > met Br <F[eramorz] > Little & others from the City

27th this morning snowing a little[.] Camped to night on Webber [Weber] River[.] had another Express from the Pres Young

28th to day the road was sideling[.] got all the wagons over safe Camped in East Kanion [Canyon.] met several of the Brethern here

29th Passed over the Big mountain[.] snowing fast[.] stoped snowing after noon[.] passed over little mountain Camped in the head of Emmigration Kanion met <aditional> supplyes

30th this morning started early arrived in the City a little before noon with all the hand Cart Co & several famileys from Ox trains[.] had in the Train 354 Horses & mules[,] 104 Wagons[,] 32 Oxen

Oct 12th Fort Bridger
Rec’vd of Lewis Robison
6 Beef Cattle

Nov 3rd of Thomas Tennant for J Huber
30 lbs Sugar

Dec 1st Returned to 204 Blanketts
Returned to N[athaniel] H[enry]. Felt per Lumbar
8½ lbs of Coffee

Nov 7th Receved Sister Smith
4 blankets 1 small piece of carpet
1 Shall 1 Over Coat
of Sarah Tuxford 2 pair of Boots turned them over to C Decker S TaylorNov 8th of N H Felt at the Devils Gate
30 lbs of Coffee

Nov 9th Received of Br Whitehead
1pair of Cord Pants (returned)
1 pair of half worn pants of C G webb
50 lbs Sugar of N H Felt
15 lbs Sugar of N H Felt

Nov 9th for Br C G Webb to be paid in the City
29 lbs of sugar of N.H. Felt. (to C.H. Wheelock) to be returned in the City
20 lbs of Coffee of John Vancott for our Company
of J Vancott one side of Sole leather
out of J Vancotts Wagon 1 sack of sugar

Nov 12th 100 lbs 1 sack of apple or part of sack for the hand cart Co

Reasep [Recipe]
1 tarter ematict [emetic] and hogs lard2: lickences poderi and my magneas[magnesia]
3- 2 ons [ounces] of Bees Wax[,] 2 ons of white D[..]lame
1 pound of rasin 3 <oncs> of tallow