Transcript for Robert T. Thomas in Historical sketch and genealogy of the Thomas' families, 1888-1895, 45-46

We started from winter quarters (little above Omaho [Omaha]) on the 7 day of April, 1847 West. Crossed the Elk horn river, and Loup Fork river at Ponee [Pawnee] village, and went upon the north side of the Platte river, till we come to the North Platte river cross it on a boat at Fort Laramie we travel up the North Platte[.] made a boat cross two companys of the Oregon emigrants and they paid us in flouer and meat. Then we cross over and left three men to keep the ferry. We pass over by Soda Lake to Independence Rock and Sweet water river went up the stream to the Pacific Springs, then down to Green river, then made a raft cross the wagons[.] swamg [swam] the cattle over then came to Fort Bridger and down Echo cañon. Present [President Brigham] Young took sick and over half of the company with the Mountain feaver. In the company (10) I was in not one took sick. They all stop but 40 men and 20 wagon went on making roads down Echo cañon down to Weber then we left Weber [blank space] made a road over to East cañon Creek up that, then over the Beg Big Mountain then over Litter [Little] Mt. down, cañon Creek[.] arrived in the Promis Land (Salt Lake City Vallie) th[e] 22 day of July 1847[.] Camp on City Creek and began to plow[.] put in grain[.] the main Company arrived July 24, 1847, I arrived two day before. I had not been in the Vallie long when we went in bathen [bathing] in Great Salt Lake.