Transcript for Roberts, Robert David, Family record, 1854-1921, fd. 2, 7

I shall give [a] little of our history from the old c[o]untry untill the present time as corect as my memory will serve me.

We started from North Welas [Wales] Meirionethshire [Merionethshire] Parish Festiniog Bethania in the year 1856. April 9th

on the 10th arrived in Liverpool and on the 19th we went into the ship S[amuel]. Curling. which was on the 20th to start her Journey acros the Atlantic[.] This journey was very ruff the Sea was raising like mountains and tosing the Ship in every way.

May 24th we arrived in Boston on the Continant of Amarica [America.] in a day or two we took the Rail Road Cars to travel from here to Io[w]a City[.] We was about eight days on the Rail Road and staid here nearly three weeks[.] after this we took our journey acros the blains [plains] to Utah with the hand-Carts and arrived in Salt Lake City October 2nd[.] This journey was very heart [hard] because we did not have half enough to eat for the support of our bodys and very heart [hard] work to draw the handcart[.] we staid here for a few days, my father and family went to Farmington 18 miles North of Salt Lake City.