Transcript for Ross, Catherine Elnora Anderson, [Reminiscences], in Marie Ross Butcher, comp., Descendants and Ancestors of Hakan Anderson and Mariane Marie Nielsen [1972], 416

The wagons and ox teams were ready to take us on our journey across the plains. When we had traveled many days we saw Indians which frightened us very much. I was curious to see a dead Indian hanging in a tree, for I knew that was the way they buried their dead. I saw one, he was wrapped in a red blanket.

The next thing of interest was the crossing of the Platte River. It was necessary for the men to carry the ladies over. When Father started with Mother I let out a scream, because the river looked so wicked to me. The teamster, Brother Albert Shales, quieted me some, but no sooner had he pacified me until Father slipped and fell with Mother, but soon recovered himself. Nothing much impressed me after that until we reached Fillmore.