Transcript for Rossiter, William A., [Court Testimony], Deseret Evening News, 18 Nov. 1889, 3


testified—I crossed the plains in 1862, in W. H. Dame's company; remember Martin Wardell being there with his family; there was no homicide in our company; no man named Green was killed there; do not remember a man of that name; no one lost his life near Green River; first heard of the alleged killing when I read Mr. Wardell's testimony in the paper; never saw any men there dressed in Buckskin. I don't think it possible for a man to have been killed there without my hearing of it. I think Mark Surridge's wife was the lady who was run over and killed; an old man and a child died.

To Mr. Dickson—I am a "Mormon" and a polygamist; if a man had been missed I would have found it out. It would not have been kept quiet, even if Dame had ordered it.

To Baskin—I did duty as night guard; never herded stock.