Transcript for Rowan, Matthew, Reminiscences and journal, 1853-1864, 56

While at Mormon Grove my Wife [Jane Rowan] and child [Ammon] and after wards, myself, had Cholera, but rallied in time to start across the plains on which journey we started on Thursday 26th July, in company with 300 Souls.

After experiencing all the vicissitudes incident to a “life on the desert plains,” and on the mountains we sighted and landed in the object of our travels on Sunday, being the 28th October 1855, in good health, having experienced no serious injury on our journey. A Sister Brewerton and myself being joined in company for our team, tents etc., and as her Son, Samuel, who was to assist me to drive the team across the plains, died at Mormon Grove, the business of driving the team, consisting of 3 yoke of steers besides a cow in the “loop head” devolved upon me.