Transcript for Rudger M. McArthur, compiler, Daniel Duncan McArthur: Mormon Pioneer (1990), 60-61

We left Summer quarters in april and went to Winterquaters [Winter Quarters] and Staid there till the last of may

and then we started for the Mountains or for the Valley of the Great Salt Lake a distance of 1030 miles[.] we traveld the first day abut 10 miles[.] it Rained through the nite[.] in the morning we continued journey and reached the Horn River in the afternoon[.] here we Staid till the fifth of June[.] the Saints Collected at this place daily till there was a large Camp of some two or three hundred Waggons[.] we were organised into Companies of one hunderead Waggons each[.] I was organised in to Bro Alleys teem and Bro. John Harrys [Harvey's] fifty and Bro Brighams Youngs hundread but Bro Alley Chose to go in Bro Frees Teen So we all went into Bro Frees Company of teen making him twenty Waggons in stead of teen[.] Brother Heber C. Kimell [Kimball] hade a Company of one hundread Waggons organised at the same time and hade Companies organised also

Bro Brigham Started from the Horn on the 5th of June 1848[.] we continued our journed in safety without eny exidents all feeling well[.] the Camp Stopt one day in a weak for the Woman to do their washing and Baking[.] hade Meetings on the Sabbath days generally

on the 18th day of August my Wife Bore me a Son, weight—eight pounds and three quarters, we were then fifteen Miles west of the Devills gate on the Sweet Water, we cauld his name Daniel D. McArthur Junior,

On the 19th we resumed our journey and Caroline done first rate[.] Bro Heber C. Kimball Daughter hade a Daughter the same night

we continued our journey all doing firstrate and the Camp landed in the Salt Lake Valley on the 26th of September 1848.