Transcript for "Salt Lake Emigrants," Frontier Guardian, 11 July 1849, 2

Salt Lake Emigrants

Will not forget that we have counselled them to take three hundred pounds of best bread stuff to a person, old or young, when they start from here. They will find this advice in the 10th number of the Guardian.

Some have said, take only enough to last on the journey; others have said, take 150 or 200 pounds to a person: but we have not said it, neither shall we say it to accommodate any man's condition or circumstances: Yet if any man is disposed to venture without the full amount of 300 pounds to the person, let not that person complain of us, nor of the authorities in Valley, but let him take the entire responsibility of suffering or starving on his own hook, and murmur not in pinching times. If you have not the requisite amount of provisions, nor cannot procure it, neither team sufficient to haul it, you can stay in Pottawatamie County till you can go with a proper outfit. Men and Angel's shall know that we have spoken plainly, and warned faithfully; and our garments, in this respect, are clean.