Transcript for Samuel H. Rogers reminiscences and diary, 1841-1886, Folder contents: (1) Reminiscences and journal, 1841 June-1855 July, 158-66

Sa 1 of July we traveled a short distance when Brother [Addison] Pratt broak his axletree[.] when we made a new one[,] we then prosecuted our journey arived at camp at sun down,

Su 2 Some of the teams strayed for the mountains while I went to repair the wagon. I set three tires on my wagon.

Mo 3 We hitched up our teams, traveled 4 miles, during which time we passed up a ruged hill and camped

Tu 4 We started as usual traveled 8 miles when we over toock those teams that had started on the second, when we camped. In the eavening we concluded to send some men a head to find out the road over the mountain. also to see what had become of the three men, who started several day’s ago.

We 5 Nine men started for the purpose agreed upon last evening, the remainder of us expect to wait here untill their return.

Tuesday 11 We have remained camped in this place since the Pioneers started that was on the fifth, Two teams and two men who have pack animels have joined our companey. since we have been here, Yesterday and to day we have been building two yards for cattle and horses. The weather is fine, for several eavenings past we have had prayers in Camp. Brother Jonathan H. Ho[l]mes has charge of the Company.

Fr 14 We are still camped in the same place as on the eavening of the fourth, Last night the Pioneers who started on the fifth returned, and reported that a road is found over the mountains but it requires some labor to render it passable but the three men who started first they had no news of. We expect to leave here to morrow

Sa 15 We started on our journey, traveled 10 miles then camped.

Su 16 We continued our journey for eight miles. camped at Camp Creek.

Mo 17 We prosicuted our journey. traveled 10 miles, camp at Leek Springs, 4 <of> our Cows are lost and some horses.

Tu 18 Some men went back in search of the cows and horses, that ware lost, five of us went a head to cut out the road, I being one of the number whilst the remainder taried at camp, on our returning to camp, we found the place where the three brethering had camped who went first to search out the road, by a spring of water. there was a grave. Some think that it is the grave of the three Brethren. This eavening the Company is organized in tens there being four of them. Samuel Tompson Captain of the tens, and Jonathan H Holmes Captain of the Whole.

We 19 We continued our journey for 6 or 7 miles. then camped near the grave that we found yestoday. After we pitched our camp we examined the grave by diging in to it. when we found to our regreat and deep sorrow of heart, the Bodies of the Three Brethren who went in search of the road Daniel Browatt, Henderson Cocks and Ezra H. Allen. By the appearance and signs that we could discover, they ware taken by supprise, when they ware asleep in the night. arrows ware found round about, Allen had been struck with an ax acrost the mouth cuting the lore [lower] jaw in two, his purce was found which he formely caried suspended from his neck, the string <was> cut in two. blood was on the purec. Gold dust and coin money was in it. the time they have been absent from us was twenty four days. they are supposed to have been Murdered on the 27 of June in the night[.] we kept a gard to protect us from the Indians.

Th 20 This morning we found that some of the cattle and horses had strayed from us[.] Some of the men are in search of them, while the remainder of us are walling the grave with stones building a yard, others are repairing a wagon wheel for Br [Jonathan Harriman] Holmes, we call this place Tragady Springs

Fr 21 We traveled 4 miles, camped in Rock valley.

Sa 22 Some others and myself went to work the road, the wagons ware not moved.

Su 23 Some of the men have gone to work the road still farther. I helpet to make an ox yoak for Brother [John] Cox after which I wrote a letter directed to Mr Sutter giving an account of the discovery of the bodies of Browett, Allen and Cox, Allso how, as we suppose they ware murdered, which letter was buried by a tree, and a note or index on the tree directing the beholder <to> the place of the letter.

Mo 24 We traveled 10 miles, some of the men camped on a bench going in to the lake valley but I with some others camped on a side hill, 4 or 5 wagons a broken. We melted snow for warter.

Tu 25 I went on to the bench with those who ware with me. we then repaired our wagons.

We 26 We traveled 2½ miles then camped in lake valley. Some 10 men are prepairing to go and search out the road.

Th 27 Thirteen men of us went to cut out the road a head.

Fr 28 We prossecuted our journey for three miles then camped at Summit camp. I stood guard again.

Sa 29 We hitched up our cattle and past down a verry steep and rocky hill. then camped near to Read Lake the distance of to days journey is 1 mile. There are numerous Lakes in this region, by pasing down the hill to day, we started down from the back bone, The place that we supposed to be the back bone at the time that I went in May is not the back bone.

Su 30 We prossecuted our journey for 10 miles on our way we past down hope valley then camped in the lower end of it.

Mo 31 I with a number of others worked on the road down pass creek. The canyon is verry rough and rockey.

Tu 1 of August I went again at the same buisness as that of yestoday.

We 2 A number of men have gone to work on the road.

Th 3 I went with some others to work the road when we returned to camp we found that a Company of 14 men who ware packing had over taken us Most of them are men of the Battalion. Some rain has fallen during the day, Balsom of gilead grow in the Canyon.

Fr 4 We packed part of our loads on horses and Mules, then toock it to the lore[lower] end of the Canyon then toock the remainder down in the wagons. we all got to the camp at about 9 oclock in the eavening distance 5 miles.

Sa 5 We hitched our cattle to the wagons traveled 12 miles, down Pass creek. camped on Smoke camp grown.[ground]

Su 6 We hitched our cattle to our wagons, crossed Pass creek, then traveled 4 or 5 miles, when we came to the main branch of Pilot river, which we forded then continued our journey untill we had made 20 miles in all when we crost the river again. camped on Rattle Snake camp ground.

Mo 7 This morning we found that 3 horses and one mule had been driven off by the Indians. We hitched up our teams, traveled 20 miles, camped on Pilot river.

Tu 8 We prepared as usual crost the river, traveled 10 miles, crost the river again, camped, there has been no timber since we came below the junction but Cotonwood and willow. there has been flax seen in a scaterd condition since we left leek springs to the junction.

We 9 We hitched up our cattle, crost the river traveled 15 miles, camped, in the night an alarm was given that the horses ware crossing the river, search was made found all right.

Th 10 This morning we found that 2 mares and one mule had been taken from the drove, last night 2 of which ware hitched but a short distance from the wagons[.] a number of men started on horse back in persuit of them. they recovered the mule and one mare but the other they could not find, some of them say that they fired upon an Indian and woonded him. a man by the name of Diamon was wonded. The Council present disapprove of killing the Indians, except they be found with stolen property or trying to steal our property.

Fr 11 We made the usual preperation and started. We traveled 12 miles down the river then camped. it being the place where the packing Company camp last night. They having left us on the 8 but taried here two days. This valley we call Holmes valley.

Sa 12 We prepared as usual. Started leaving Pilot river traveled 25 miles. when we arrived at the bend of Trucky river, where we camped for the night. on the way we found that we had traveled nearly the distance out of the way.

Su 13 We are camping for the purpose of letting our cattlel's feet rest. We cut some grass to carry with us for our cattle, it being 45 miles before we will find warter or grass

Mo 14 We started on the road traveled 25 miles when we came to a boiling spring. the warter is so hot that a dog which fell in to it died immediately, we camped, we gave the grass that we brought with us to the cattle.

Tu 15 Last night at 11 oclock we hitched our cattle to the wagons traveled 25 miles when we came to the sink of Marys’ river, it being in the morning we camped. In the P M a company of emigrants of 18 wagons from the states came here[.] they camped[.] Hasel Kimbel is in the Companey, a compleat Apostate or he appeares so.

We 16 We traveled 20 miles up Marys’ river, camped at the slew. To day we met another Company of Emegrants from the states having 24 wagons.

Th 17 We traveled 16 miles up the river, when we came to running warter.

Fr 18 We traveled 10 miles up the river camped for the night. grass is scarse. We have seen no timber since we left Trucky, more than small brush[.] The country is dry, baren and dusty.

Sa 19 We traveled 16 miles up the river, camped on a considerable of a bottom, grass is rather thin. A number of Indians ware seen since we came here. They have shot three mares with arrows.

Su 20 We have concluded to stay here to day. that the woonded mares may be able to travel. some of the men find considerable falt because of our staying.

Mo 21 We prepared to travel as usual, traveled 28 miles to day, which toock us until 9 oclock at night when we camped on the bank of the river. We crost the river twice to day.

Tu 22 We hitched our cattle to the wagons traveled 10 miles, camped on the bank of the same river, during which time we crost the river once.

We 23 We prepared as usual traveled 20 miles up the river, camped. On the way we past the forks of the river after which we traveled up the east fork.

Th 24 We started as usual traveled 20 miles, camped on the bank of the stream,

Fr 25 We hitched up as usual, after which we found that a horse was missing. we then wated a short time, when 4 men went back in search of him, the remainder traveled on for 16 miles then camped on the bank of the stream, after which the 4 men over toock us but found not the horse, they beleave that the horse went off of his own accord.

Sa 26 We started as usual but had not gone far when we met 10 wagons from the states, they came by the way of Salt Lake. A man by the name of Levi S. Riter was with them from Salt Lake, he told us that he was a Bishop of one of the wards. We then traveled some father, crost the river, in a few miles after we camped, it being 20 miles in all.

Su 27 We remain in camp to day, in P. M. a Companey of packer past by. The Captains name is Samuel Hensley. they are from the states they came by the way of Salt Lake. They came by a new rout from the Lake, to this road. we got a way bill of the same, Mister Hensly appears to be sent by the Government.

Mo 28 We prepared as usual traveled 22 miles, camped on the bank of the river.

Tu 29 We started as usual traveled 18 miles, camped on the bank of the stream, during the day we crost the river once. Since we camped a company of Emigrants from the states, camped but a short distance from us, the Captains name is Chiles.

We 30 our mess bought 2.80 Dollars worth of pork[.] we traveled 10 miles over a hilly road, crost the river once, on the way, camped. This morning the pilot got a way bill of another rout to the Lake.

Th 31 We traveled up the river crost a branch of the same passed through a Canon just below the junction of Haistens cut off, distance 15 miles.

Fr 1 of September, We traveled 18 miles up the river camped. We crost the river once to day. The day has been Cloudy cold and misty.

Sa 2 We traveled 10 miles camped, rain and snow has been falling most all day.

Su 3 The clouds blowed over last night left the sky clear. so that we renewed our journey traveled 20 miles camped.

Mo 4 We remained in camp for purpose of letting the teams rest.

Tuesday 5 Last night we had a trial before us respecting a stray of that is in the company, it was left to referees who gave the ox to those who toock him up. to day we traveled near to the mouth of the Canion and camped[.] then sent 4 men a head in search of Chiles cut off distance 5 miles. We leave Marys river here.

We 6 We traveled 18 miles miles up a creek, camped, with in 3 miles of the mouth of the canion.

Th 7 We traveled through the Canion and camped distance 10 miles. We here met the pilots who think we had better go Haistens cut off.

Fr 8 Last night at the meeting the agreement was to go Chiles cut off. This morning five pilots started a long on Chiles rout in search of a camping place. The Company hitched our teams to the wagons traveled 7 miles, to some springs. then waited for a sign from the pilots, no sign being given we camped.

Sa 9 Last night the pilots returned but are divided in sentiment, this morning it was agreed to go Haistens cut off, so we toock the back track and camped on the same ground that we did night before last.

Su 10 We started once more on the old road traveled 25 miles camped after sunset.

Mo 11 We continued our journey for 14 miles. camped. A few drops of rain to day, we have seen no timber larger than small willows since we left the Truckey river.

Tu 12 We traveled 18 miles over a tolerable rough road, camped on Goos creek. It is said that this stream widens it self from stream to stream, untill it finds its way in to the Columbo river.

We 13 We traveled 15 miles down Goos creek, camped. Samon trout are in abundance in this stream.

Th 14 We traveled 8 miles down the stream when we left it and traveled 7 miles over a verry rough road. camped after sun set.

Fr 15 We traveled 8 miles on the road[.] We then left it striking for Bear river the same way that Mr. Haisten came from Salt Lake City[.] we traveled 6 miles since we left the road.

Sa 16 We traveled 10 miles crost a stream[.] on the way camped on its bank.

Su 17 We crost the stream, traveled 10 miles, camped, some bearch gro here.

Mo 18 We traveled 10 miles, camped on the side of a mountain we are now with in site of Salt Lake. This morning we left the warters of the Columbia.

Tu 19 We traveled 18 miles, during the time we past a spring in the valley and crost Deep creek camped, a number of Indians came in to camp[.] they stayed all night.

We 20 We traveled 14 miles, camped at a spring between two mountains.

Th 21 We traveled 12 miles, camped , the water is brackish[.] since we camped we seteled the Canon Account[.] we paid 192 Dollars for the work of Browett, which makes the whole cost 512 Dollars. I <paid> G. M. Tenman two Dollars and fifty cents for breaking my horse.

Fr 22 We traveled 23 miles, camped on the bank of mud creek, the day has been cloudy and rainey

Sa 23 We dug down the bank of the creek, forded it pased on to Bear river, forded the same, past on 4 miles making 5 miles in all. I <paid> 1.50 Dollars to be given to widow Browett, we had a shower

Su 24 We traveled 18 miles. camped. we past a warm Spring.

Mo 25 We traveled 16 miles on the way we past a warm spring, we past some houses, camped one half mile from Captain Browns, the Cannon wagon broke down.

Tu 26 A M we sent back for the Cannon. I <gave> Br [Ephraim] Green one Dollar to make up the loss of his watch case. I paid [Richard] Bush $1.43 for Coffee and Chease.

We 27 We left the loos horses and cattle at this place in the care of [Jacob Mica] Truman and [James S.] Brown to be herded at one cent per day a head we then traveled 18 miles, camped.

Th 28 We drove in to the Great Salt Lake City it being 18 miles but I found not my relatives, onley Washington[.] I toock up my lodgin with Sister Mary Smith.