Transcript for Sant, Margaret, Autobiography, in Joel Edward Ricks, CacheValley Historical Material, reel 4, item 97, 2

A[braham] O. Smoot was our captain and Christopher Langton his assistant. The Indians stampeded our cattle several times. My mother walked all the way. Many of the women had to wade the rivers there being no bridges in those days. The rivers crossed were the Bag, Little Blue, Virmilion [Vermillion], Platt[e], Green River, Sweet Water [Sweetwater], Bear River and Weber River. We arrived in Salt Lake City, the 3rd of Sept. 1852 with 31 wagons. The Company was called the Perpetual Friend Company. We were taken to the public square, now University square, in the 19th ward, my father [David Mustard] had a place prepared for us in the 15th ward where we went to live.