Transcript for Savage, Mary Abigail White, Autobiograph [ca. 1900], 1-2

In May we started again and arrived at Winter Quarters in time to go with the first Company that followed Brigham Young. Here David found a big outfit that lacked a teamster. So we went with him. David was to do the night herding, yoking up the cattle, and hooking up the teams. I was to do the cooking, dishwashing, washing, unpacking and packing up again. We were to bring our bedding, and I and the 2 little ones were to ride. But after we had traveled some distance out, I was compelled to walk and carry the baby, & the little girl 10 years old had to trudge along by my side. This man later apostatized and went to California. Then we traveled in Parley P. Prat[t]'s Co. and were 3 months on the way, arriving in Salt Lake Sept. 24, 1847.