Transcript for Schoenfeld, Ottilie Mieth, Autobiographical sketch [ca. 1910], [2]

Here [Iowa City] we fitted out for our westward travel, some by oxteam and some by handcart. We traveled in the oxteam Co. of Captain Jesse Martin and landed after 300 miles travl on the banks of the Miss[o]uri river, where the real travel over the prairies commenced. We (that is, my husband [Edward Schoenfeld], myself and a little girl [Auguste Bertholomaus Schoenfeld], (my husbands sister). walked all these 1300 miles, being satisfied to have our little luggage in the wagon of a Levins family. The journey, although wearysome was nevertheless well enjoyed by us. We saw the now nearly exterminated buffalos; by the thousands. We had to travel every day, as there was a U.S. army-corps behind us, sent out against the Mormons.

We encountered a fearful "stampede" in our camp and other inconveniences, but were visibly protected by the Lord.

On September 22d or there abouts we landed in Salt Lake City on the old University square in the 14th Ward.