Transcript for Scott, Sarah Ann Roe, Autobiographical sketch, 1892, 2-4

Started out for the Valley of Great Salt Lake in the spring of 1851 in Capt. Morris Phelps Company [.] as the Elk horn River was very high and getting late in the season the Captain Concluded to head the Horn which was a tedious Journey as only one Company had started that way, but those that did not come to the mountains in those days do not know what it is to travel over the plains in wagons drawn by oxens and only one house in a thousand miles and sometimes camp where there was no water for man or beast and no wood to make a fire[.] But we traveled on our Journey trusting in our Heavenly Father to preserve us to the end of our Journey

Crossed the mountains into the Salt Lake Valley on my nineteenth Birthday Sept. 26, 1851. Stopped in the Salt Lake City that winter