Transcript for Sessions, Patty Bartlett, Diaries and account book, 1846-1866; 1880, vol. 1

Monday 21 we wash the cannon and temple bell has come and sciff[.] we are all ready now to go in the morning[.] we have been waiting almost two weeks for the cannon

Tuesday 22 on the banks of the platt[e] river ready packed to move on[.] start 8 oclock A M[.] we are organised to move five a breast the two cannons sciff and temple bell heading the midle line[.] go 15 miles[.] camp near the platt river

Wednesday 23 start 9 oclock[.] travel two a breast[.] cannons heading one line sciff and the temple bell the other[.] travel 15 miles[.] camp on the prairie 2 miles from the river on a place looking some like our old place in Maine

Thursday 24 start 8 oclock A M[.] go 10 miles[.] stop 1 oclock waiting for the rest of the co to come up[.] as some of the camp had feelings they caled a meeting[.] made all things right[,] received good instructions and had good feelings

Friday 25 10 oclock move on[.] go 10 miles camp[.] a company of traders came along[.] Dr Bartlett was one had been to Pawnee[.] I then was sent for to [go] back 3 or 4 miles[.] I went back put sister [Sylvira Caroline Hart] Turnbow to bed[.] she had a daughter [Margaret Ann.] come home 12 oclock at night—

Saturday 26 start 8 oclock[.] go 20 miles[.] camp on beaver creek[.] I have got the toothache bad[.] it rains to night

Sunday 27 Cloudy[.] I feel bad[.] my face sweled bad can hardly set up[.] its quite hard on me to drive the team all the way but the Lord will give me strength acording to my day[.] 11 oclock I feel impresed upon to go and see sister Snow[.] I went and found her sick[.] we had a litle meetting[.] she and I were both healed by the power of God[.] I then went to a publick meeting[.] it was good[.] I then went to visit Sister Elbrige [Eldredge.] she was lame[.] I laid hands on her she blesed me and I blesed her[.] I then came home[.] had a litle meeting in our waggon[.] it was good[.] my grand daughter Martha Ann had the gift of toungues but through fear did not speak[.] after the sisters had gone she aked me to let her and Martha Van Cott have a little meetting and wished me to attend[.] we went into our waggon[.] she spoke in toungues and prayed[.] I gave the interpretation and then told them to spend their time in that way and they would be blessed[.] she is eleven years old

Monday 28 we wash the men are caled out to drill[.] we have prayers night and morning at the ringing of the bell[.] we start 1, oclock[,] go 6 miles[,] camp[.] we travel in the rear the cannons go in the rear of our co[.] we are still at the front of Parleys division[.] his division goes in the rear this week[.] 12 oclock at night I was sent for to go on two miles to put sister [Laura Albina] Shaw to bed[.] she had a daughter [Laura Almira] born 9 oclock A M

<29> she traveled on when our co came up 10 oclock[.] we traveled 10 miles[.] camp on the loop [Loup] fork of Plat[te] river[.] we pass the Pawnee vilage to day[.] it has been burnt by the Sues [Sioux.] <we then> crosed a creek[.] chalk in the bottom so that it stuck to the waggon wheels[.] we camp on the bank of the loop[.] drive our cattle all together into the river to drink[.] it was a prety sight

Wednesday 30 start 8 oclock[.] wait for Smoots co to start along and get out of our way one hour[.] go 10 miles[.] come up with the whole camp[.] the men go to find a place to cross[.] we have pased another <old> Indian vilage today[.] we do not cross to night[.] camp

Thursday [-] Br [William] Taylors Co cross first[.] PG [Perrigrine Sessions] and some few others have gone hunting[.] returned[.] saw some cantalopes [antelopes] got nothing[.] this afternoon we cross the Loop camp on the bank[.] our co have all got over safe[.] go 1 mile to day

Friday July 2 we start half past 7 oclock[.] go 20 miles[.] camp on the prairia [prairie] without wood or watter only what rain fell from the clouds[.] we had a heavy shower of wind and rain[.] it beat into the waggons a good deal

Saturday 3 start 7 oclock go 16 miles strike the Pioneer trail near the Platt[e] river camp P G shot an Antelope today[.] we crosed the sleiugh [slough] on a bridge made of grass where we watered at noon[.] Br [Elijah Funk] Sheets cals this creek Muskeetoe [Mosquito] bend[.] here we took out our stove found old indian wickeups to burn in it

Sunday 4 I took some of the things out of the waggons[.] found some wet a little[.] it rains a little, a man brake his arm last night in our co rasling [wrestling.] his name is Martin De Witt[.] the sun comes out[.] we go to meeting[.] have good instruction[.] I had a meeting at sister [Mercy Rachel Fielding] Tomsons [Thompson's] tent at 6 odock P M[.] we had a good time

Monday 5 we have made a bridge to cross the creek[.] last night there was an indian seen creeping up to the camp[.] when hailed he ran through the creek and fled[.] we have to get more team to put onto the cannon[.] at ten odock they fire both cannons and start go 15 miles[.] they held a counsel last night[.] Parleys co was to go in the front[.] we have traveled all day on the Pioneer track[.] camp on their camp ground[.] find a guide board 2:17 miles from winter Quarters the way we have come 1:90 miles

Tuesday 6 start 8 oclock[.] go 18 miles[.] camp on the bank of a stream from the platt river where the Indians had camped[.] we burnt their wickeups for wood[.] some waided the river to get wood[.] brought it over on their backs[.] the camp did not all get up last night neither have they to night[.] [ [-]] Smoots co have not been heard from since Monday[.] [Jedediah M.] Grants co did not get up to night

Wednesday 7 start [illegible] odock go 15 miles camp where the Pioneers did[.] found another guide board[,] it said they had kiled 11 buffaloe the 2 of may[.] P G had the waggon wheel run over his foot[.] lamed him so that he cannot drive his team[.] the Dr boy drives for him[.] we have passed a great many of these litle dogs that live in the ground in holes

Thursday 8 start half past 8 ocl<ck> [--] cross a sleiugh[.] go 2 miles[.] come to where the Pioneers camped 3 days[.] found another guide board then we went up the creek 3 miles[.] found two horses[.] P G was the first that saw them[.] Br Pratt was with him[.] Brs Pratt and Taylor caught them and kept them[.] <we> make a bridge[.] cross over go 2 miles[.] make another bridge[.] cross[.] go 5 miles[.] camp[.] see some buffaloe

Friday 9 some of the men have gone <to> kill the buffaloe[.] we start half past 7[.] the men return[.] see no buffaloe[.] past the Pioneers camp ground when we first start but the sleiughs are so high we cannot follow their trail[.] <go up> make a bridge of grass cros go 12 miles <to day[.]> strike their trail camp on the bank of the platt river[.] Br [Jesse Wentworth] Crosby waided it[.] the girls wash[.] it is very warm[.] we find a pine tree floated down the river

Saturday 10 start 8 odock[.] go 5 miles[.] camp 11 odock[.] we are now 252 miles from Winter Quarters to burn coal and fix waggons and wash &c &c[.] six men went out to hunt[.] went horse back[.] they do not return to night

Sunday 11 the hunters have sent for a waggon to bring their game[.] I have a meeting in our waggon with the litle girls[.] sister [Mercy Rachel Fielding] Tomson [Thompson] was with us[.] I then went to a public meeting then to sister Snows[.] she sent for me[.] we had a meeting there[.] I then went hold had a meeting to sister Tomson[.] the hunters came in got 18.00 cwt of buffaloe meat

Monday 12 divide it out among the 50 they the men went out of our co[.] P G went[.] they went out of other cos but did not get so much meat any of them as our 50 that sent out six men[.] there was one dead <buffaloe> in the willows where we camped[.] we start 9 oclock[.] pass buffaloe rings where they lay[.] it looks like our camp ground[.] we go 12 miles[.] camp on the river[.] they smoke the meat[.] waid on to the island to get wood[.] Br [Daniel] Spencers 50 goes in the front this week[.] he is capt over the first hundred

Tuesday 13 start 9 odock go 15 miles camp on the river waid to the river island to get wood[.] it has been a complete pasture for buffaloe[.] the grass is fed short[.] some men went out hunting this afternoon[.] kiled 4 bufaloe[.] left the meat for the others[.] Grants co to bring in their herd[.] broke out of the yard last night and broke waggons[.] killed a cow[.] broke of several horns one horses leg and they have got to stop and repair waggons

Wednesday 14 go 6 miles[.] stop for the rest of the camp to come up[.] see two herd of buffaloe near the camp ground[.] find a guide board with a letter in it stating it to be 3-60 miles from winter quarters[.] we call it 2:84[.] it is very warm[.] some men have gone out to kill a buffaloe[.] kiled 1 divide it out in our 50

Thursday 15 start 8 oclock[.] go 15 miles[.] camp at a spring[.] we put our milk in it to cool[.] P Gs black ox was sick to day[.] Br [Nicholas] Singley let him have a pair

Friday 16 he is a going to yoke the well ox and put it on forward[.] we start 8 oclock[.] go 12 miles[.] get along first rate to see thousands of buffaloe[.] camp on the North fork of Platt river 14 miles from the mouth[.] after we had camped a herd of buffaloe ran in among our cattle[.] we shot one wounded three more[.] took oxen and drew him in to camp before he was dresed[.] he was kiled in full view of the camp[.] went after the others but did not get them

Saturday 17 start 8 odock[.] go 16[.] at noon kill another buffaloe anddraw it into camp[.] dress it while the teams are baiting[.] [[-]] hear that leters have come from pioneers[.] I gtherd a few dry weeds[,] built a little fire on a buffaloe dung[,] broiled some meat for my diner[.] drank sweeten ginger and water[.] I have seen many thousands of buffaloe to day[.] one crossed our track just forward of us[.] we had a fair view of him[.] camp on the river[.] no wood[.] get news that Br. Grants co had lost 75 head of catle by their breaking of the yard[.] we take out our stove[.] burnt buffaloe dung

Sunday 18 bake mince pies bread and meat over buffaloe dung[.] 11 oclock go to public meeting hear that Grants co had not found their catle[.] some of our men went this morning to look for them[.] 4 oclock caled together to hear leters read from the pioneers[.] they were from some individuals that were left at the fery which they had made[.] they had ferried over four hundred Oregon waggons[.] they had heard from the rest of the pioneers the 28 of June[.] they were well and in the south pass of the mountains[.] I then had a meeting at sister Tomsons[.] P G is not well[.] I gave him some medicine

Monday 19 he is some better[.] he has met for counsel[.] sent men out of each co to hunt for Grants catle[.] he is 20 miles back[.] we cannot go on untill he comes up with his co[.] we must get them along some way[.] 10 oclock I meet with the litle girls in my waggon[.] have a good time[.] the Lord is pouring his spirit out on the youth[.] they spoke in toungues and rejoiced in God[.] my heart was made glad[.] 2 oclock had a meeting at sister Tomsons[.] we had a good time[.] I blesed and was blesed[.] the men that went to hunt for Br Grants catle some of them have come in[.] found 3 three oxen of the Oregon co,s loosing the rest[.] kiled a buffaloe[.] they kiled an Antalope[.] P G is worse

Tuesday 20 he is no better[.] start 8 oclock[.] go 10 miles[.] camp on the river[.] find some flood wood to wash with[.] they have sent word from Br Grants co that they have found none of their catle[.] 20 yoke of oxen gone[.] we have caled a meeting saying <4> hundred must make out 5 yoke out of each hundred[.] we have made out the 5 yoke

Tues Wednesday 21 sent Br Gustan [Gustin] back with them[.] we start 8 oclock[.] got 5 miles where we watered at noon[.] they kiled 6 buffaloe[.] gave Br Taylors Co 3 of them[.] divided the other 3 in our co[.] we did not camp untill dark[.] the catle was very uneasy[.] I went into the waggon[.] looked out saw them go round and round like a whirlpool the <men> saying they would break and runaway. I knelt down and prayed for the Lord to quiet them[.] I arose they were quite still[.] we went to bed[.] heard no more from them

Thursday 22 heard this morning that the Indians killed 13 buffaloe close by us yestarday but none seen by us[.] only the carcases of the buffaloe found warm[.] the men are commanded to sleep with one hand on the lock of his gun[.] last night we saw more than two thousand buffaloe at one time[.] yestarday we go on 10 miles[.] <pass many dead buffaloe>[.] saw an encampment of Indians <and> as soon as we were camped there was more than 1:00 came to our camp[.] it is the first I have seen since we left Winter quarters[.] we have fiered the cannon and one six shooter for them to see and hear[.] gave them some bread and they feasted[,] rode round the camp and then <we> rang the bell[.] our men paraded and motioned to them to go away[.] they went, we sent word back to Br Taylors and Smoots co that were back to come up[.] they have not come[.] we made safeguard[.] P G is better so he got out of the waggon walked round[.] gave some orders

Friday 23 it rains and has all night[.] the Indians have come in sight <this morning> the guard was called[,] orders gave to not let them come near the waggons but they went another way[.] 10 oclock they begin to come[.] we stay here to day[.] many Squaws came today[.] they appear friendly[.] they <sing> dance and ride round[.] we dance and have music[,] fire two cannons[.] Parley and Taylor feast and smoke with the Cheif. Br Grants co came in sight to night Mr Sessions stands on guard

Saturday 24 we are at Ceder Bluffs[.] start[,] go 10 miles[.] pass see and trade with many Indians[.] pass their Lodges on the other side of the river[.] P G went over and many others[.] camp on the river[.] Grants co came up this morning but do not get up to night

Sunday 25 7 oclock some of the Pioneers came into the camp[.] we have stoped to repair waggons and wash and have a meeting[.] I go hear leters read from the Pioneers[.] I send a leter to Sylvia by Pugmire as he is from the Pioneers and going back to Winter Quarters

Monday 26 start 7 oclock[.] go 20 miles[.] at noon water and bait[.] a grove of ceder on the other side[.] saw the Indians on the other side[.] they stoped[,] unloaded their Ponys in the cedar <we> pased over the hardest sand hill we have found[.] I drove my team[.] was not well[.] went a foot untill I could scarce stand. crosed many small creeks[.] camp on a large one two rods wide[.] Br Spencer is a head[.] he started last night[.] went five miles[.] Br Rich came up

Tuesday 27 start 7 oclock[.] go 18 miles[.] in the forenoon the Indians came[,] some we have not seen before[,] a big chief among them[.] when we stoped to Bait they came like bees[.] their loges were across the river[.] I drove into a mudhole[.] got stuck[.] put on more team[.] came out[.] camp near the river[.] kill a ratlesnake close to the waggon[.] thunders and lighting hard[.] rained some

Wednesday 28 go 18 miles[.] cross many water places mudy holes[.] pased over ground that was over flowed by the rain last night but litle rain where we were[.] at noon baited on the last grass we found till night[.] in the afternoon came up a dreadful wind[,] thunder[,] lightning[,] a very litle rain[.] where we were on the other side of the river the ground was all aflood[.] we pased over sand bluffs in the wind[,] the sand and gravel flew in our eyes so we could not see at times[.] we had to hold our waggon cover to keep them from bloing off[.] this is ruin bluffs [Ancient Bluff Ruins.] we camp on the Pioneers camp groung

Thursday 29 go 20 miles[.] at noon bait and water at the river[.] good feed[.] we are in sight of chimney rock[,] bluiff of sand looking like a tome on the other side the river or an old courthouse [Courthouse Rock.] go over the blufs[.] camp on the river[.] go and lay hands on Mary jane Tomson [Thompson.] we have traveled to day behind Br Spencer[.] we came up with him last night

Friday 30 go 20 miles pass the chimney rock <&> many places that looked like ancient buildings[.] camp on the river[.] find good feed[.] kill a ratle snake[.] save the gall and greace

Saturday 31 go 15 miles[.] camp on the river[.] no wood and poor feed[.] the bluff on the other side looks like the temple[.] last night [Isaac] Brown & others went over the river on to the bluff[.] kiled 3 antalopes[.] avery curious looking place the bluffs look like ancient edifices[.] some have gone over to night[.] we met Br [James] Devenport [Davenport] this morning from the Pioneers[.] it gladened my heart to see him[.] he was in co with men that had been to Oregon[.] two women with them

Sunday August 1 I was caled to sister Covington[.] I went back 5 miles[.] she came back with me[.] I put her to bed this evening with a daughter[.] P G[,] Mary & Martha went over on the Bluffs[.] got 6 quarts of black curants[.] two catle died to day by eat<ing> a white substance that lay on the ground[.] we are at Scots Bluffs

Monday 2 go 22 miles[.] travel over dry priria [.] no feed[,] only one place[.] come to that 1 oclock but a small place there[.] do not get to feed to camp till dark[.] leave the catle out but litle feed here[.] two catle died in Spencers co

Tuesday 3 go 12[.] meet men from the Army[.] Br [Jeremiah] Willey came here at night half mile from the river[.] poor feed

Wednesday 4 wrote a letter to sister Kimble[.] sent it by Willey this morning[.] start 8 ock[.] go 12 miles[.] find black currants[.] get 6 quarts[.] camp[.] the Indians came into the camp[,] spred their flag[.] we fed them[.] they went off[.] plenty of wood here[.] we pased some yestarday[.] 15 days since we have had any wood except a very litle flood wood[.] we have picked that up and carried it along

Thursday 5 go 7 miles pass fort Larrimee[.] see many Indians[.] f[…] them[.] but litle feed yestarday or today[.] I have fixed my waggon cover[.] the girls bake currant pies

Friday 6 go 5 miles[.] pick more currants about 12 quarts and chouk cherry a plenty[.] we stop to burn coal and fix waggons and make yokes[.] we have came over a very bad hill especialy to come down[.] camp near the foot of it

Saturday 7 the men set waggon tires[.] women wash[.] we bake pies[,] hull corn

Sunday 8 we wash[,] iron &c[.] start 2 oclock[.] go 3 miles[.] camp

Monday 9 go 15 miles[.] we have had bad hills[.] come over one when we first started[.] very rough[.] went a mile[,] turned to the left[,] went a mile[,] turned back[,] went up a hard rough hill[,] over a high prairia one dry[.] river[.] no feed[.] broke two axeltrees[.] some spokes out[.] we camp where there is but litle feed

Tuesday 10 get the waggons fixed all ready to start[.] one of [Samuel] Mores [Moore] oxen were gone[.] we went on and left them[.] he found it come up at night[.] we go 17 miles pass[.] no feed and find but litle at night[.] go over a high hill and low beds of gravel[.] camp at a good spring <on horse shew [Horseshoe] creek>

Wednesday 11 go 3 miles over the worst hills we have found[.] broke some waggons[.] stop to repair but litle feed[.] have to go back down the hill to a spring to get water[.] buffaloe seen here

Thursday 12 go 17 miles over hills and valeys all the way hard and dry[.] cross <big timber> creek[.] go a peice through a deep gulley[.] camp on the bank but litle feed

Friday 13 go 18 miles pass over the red Butes[.] Br [Rufus] Beach got a wild horse broke to waggons crosing [blank space] creek[.] do not get camped untill after dark[.] today is the first day since last friday that I have [-] been able to drive yet I have drove with Martha to help me[.] I have been sick[,] toothache and fever[,] no appetite to eat

Saturday 14 stop to mend waggon good feed 3/1 of a mile to the south[.] kill 4 buffaloe[.] some of the hunters did not get into camp till after dark[.] <they> could not find the camp[.] hollored[.] P G and others went to them and ploted them in[.] sister [Hannah Jane] Brown got lost when she went to milk[.] she hollored and was piloted in

Sunday 15 I jirk the buffaloe meat[.] one of the Pioneers came in to the camp with news from the twelve[.] say we are 4:58 miles from salt lake where they have located[.] we had a <confession> meeting[.] partook of the sacrament &c

Monday 16 Brs Benson[,] Porter & Bindley came into camp[.] Porter eat breakfast with us[.] bring good news from the Pioneers and their location[.] they go back to meet the other co,s[.] we go 13 miles[.] camp on the platt river[.] Br Church met us[,] camped with us[.] Br Parleys litle waggon broke down[.] the lock chain broke on my waggon as we came down the hill to camp[.] good feed over the river[.] stone coal in the bend of the river <bank> ten rods from the road east

Tuesday 17 go 15 miles camp on the river[.] crosed dear [Deer] creek this forenoon[.] met John Higbee[,] Joseph Young[,] Phineous Young and E Elsworth come to us eat with us

Wednesday 18 wrote a letter to Br Kimbal[.] go 18 miles[.] camp at the old fery but litle feed
have come down and up some bad places

Thursday 19 it rainy[.] some of the catle are mising[.] I had have wrote a leter to Sylvia to send by Phineas Young[.] start and go 5 miles[.] P G [--- his waggon got his things wet had his waggon turned over with carlos [Sessions] in it into the water[.] got his things wet[.] carlos not hurt although he was under water all but his face and sacks of grain and trunks a top of him[.] he cut the cover and got him out and all the rest of the things loaded up again[.] forded the river[.] camped[.] opened the things[.] it rained[.] we could not dry them

Friday 20 go 12 miles[.] a big bull came down the hill in the road to us[.] we caught him[,] yoked him[,] turned one out of my team that had a sore neck[.] put him in[.] we then went on[.] killed two buffaloe[.] camped on a flat[.] the water poison[.] 2 catle died there[.] after we crosed the river last night Mathews litle girl went down to the river[.] found a ten dollar gold peice at the edge of the water

Saturday 21 go 13 miles[.] <killed 3 buffaloe> camp on a <willow> spring stream[.] Brs Benson[,] Porter & Bindley left us to go back to the Pioneers[.] <we> found another bull[.] he is lame

Sunday 22 go 13[.] Br [Parley Parker] Pratt kiled a buffaloe[.] [Isaac H.] Brown kiled <an> antalope[.] camp on a small stream that runs into the sweet water[.] good feed and water

Monday 23 we stop to recruit our teams[.] I put sister [Lucy Lavinia Sackett] VanCott to bed with a son [Losee.] it has been a good day to dry our things that got wet when the waggon turned over[.] we have got them all dry[.] up till late giving the catle new milk[.] they had eat or drank something that made them sick[.] two died

Tuesday 24 go 10 miles start before breakfast camp on sweet water at Independence Rock[.] I went up on the Rock[,] got a peice off of the top to carry along[.] we have got sallaratus plenty just before we came to this Rock[.] the lake that had the best was at the left when we came

Wednesday 25 go 15 miles[.] camp a mile from water[.] we are in the pass[.] very cold[.] I wanted mitens to drive with

Thursday 26 kiled an indian dog last night in the camp[.] good feed here[.] frost here this morning[.] have a very warm day[.] go 10 miles camp on the sweet wate[r.] good feed[.] <Parley went after the catle>

Friday 27 frost again but a warm day[.] go 10 miles[.] camp where we left carlos

Saturday 28 go 11 miles[.] cross sweet water 4 times[,] once in the mountains where they shut close together[.] camp on it[.] Br [Thomas] Gustins last cow died here

Sunday 29 go 16 miles[.] camp on the river again[.] meet some more Pioneers going back to meet thier families

Monday 30 go 10 miles[.] camp on the river[.] hull corn with some of the saliratus[.] Br Pratt went upon the mountain cut black birch sticks

Tuesday 31 go 7 miles[.] camp <on a rig> [.] had up hill and rocky roads[,] the worst we have found[.] here we meet more Pioneers Br Rounday[,] Lovlin[,] Gleason & others[.] they bring us good news from the valley

Wednesday Sept 1 go 12 miles[.] camp on sweet water in sight of table Rock

Thursday 2 go 14 miles[.] camp on the Pacific spring[.] see indians here[,] trad some with them[,] get some skins

Friday 3 go 25 miles[.] camp on litle Sandy[.] drive till after dark before we get to feed

Saturday 4 go 1 mile[.] stop[.] good feed here[.] the Pioneers come to us it mad our hearts glad to see them[.] they staid all night with us[,] eat and drank with us[.] had a good meeting

Sunday 5 they bid us good by with their blessing and left us to go to their families[.] they gave a good report of the valley[.] said it was the place for us[.] we start 12 oclock go 8 miles[.] camp in the big sandy but litle feed

Monday 6 go 16 miles camp on big sandy with traders[.] lent one of them some shugar & coffee[,] <name> Miller[.] it rained in the night and snowed

Tuesday 7 snow on the ground this morning[.] go 16 miles[,] cross green river[.] hail and rained[.] go down the river[.] camp very cold[.] gather a peck of black currants

Wednesday 8 lay still <to rest> [.] warm and pleasant to day[.] we hull corn[.] Sister Tomson [Thompson] and I went down on the river bank[,] had prayers alone

Thursday 9 go 13 miles then had to go 1 mile <out of the road> to camp and find feed[.] camp on mudy fork

Friday 10 go 7 miles[.] camp on hams fork on a branch of green river[.] got a peck of currants last night[.] spread them to dry to day[.] [Elijah Knap] Fuller and [William] Loffingwell [Leffingwell] had a meeting to setle difficulty[.] all go a berying this afternoon[.] get one bushel of currants and bull berys

Saturday 11 go 15 miles[.] camp on blacks fork[.] spread our berys[.] pass rocks very high on the left close to the road[.] looks like some old monument clay coulor[.] the bull lay down as we went into camp

Sunday 12 go 9 miles[.] camp on black fork[.] picked beans[.] put them to soak this morning[,] cook them this afternoon[.] go to meeting[.] Parley told us some items of the law of the valley

Monday 13 go 10 miles[.] camp at fort Bridger

Tuesday 14 go 13 miles over mountains and down steep places one [on] the new road round and down the valley[.] camped where the water stood but did not run[.] Br Pratt did not get into camp till near dark[.] Br [James] Lawson broke his wagon coming down the <hill in> valey

Wednesday 15 stop[,] mend the waggon[,] start 11 oclock[.] go 10 miles camp on a mountain[.] see a big bear track near where we camped[.] drove the catle into the valey[.] we drove on a mountain[.] [-] 5 miles[.] new road cut of 3 miles

Thursday 16 go 10 miles[.] camp on Bear river[.] pass the tar spring 30 miles from fort Bridger[.] between the tar spring and the river a bad hill[.] doubled teams to come up steep to come down droped the teaketle bed coming down[.] get some strawbery vines to cary on[.] we have some curant bushes also[.] Br Sherwood come from the valey to us here

Friday 17 bad finding catle this morning[.] get them start 11 oclock[.] go 5 miles camp[.] good feed but no wood[.] had a meeting to setle a quarel[.] cut 3 off from the church

Saturday 18 had a fuss with Sister [Keziah Brown] Hunter and family this morning[.] go 10 miles[.] camp at cave Rock[.] those that were cut off would not come along with us, sister Hunter would not come[.] we took the children along she has come up to night very much enraged[.] sais she will have revenge and Perrigrine shall be kiled for she has backers to back her up[.] he and Br Pratt took her had her bound with a cord and put under guard[.] Porter and John Green came into camp in the night

Sunday 19 those that were cut off came up this morning while the men were hunting catle[.] went on[.] she went on with them[.] we have found the catle[.] go 10 miles[.] camp a good spring[.] came out of the hill[.] ran by the head of our corall[.] sister Hunter <stoped camped with us> met Joseph Young with teams going back to help on the rear of the camp[.] Porter and Green has gone back to the valley[,] left this morning[.] I gave them some crackers[,] lent them two tin cups[.] the mountains here are very high on each side some small pines on the north side of us

Monday 20 go 12 miles[.] camp on weaver [Weber] river[.] we have pased through one canion[.] I drove through safe[.] red majestic rocks on the right all the way[.] P G caught two trout

21 Br Shelton pased with two yoke of oxen[.] stay here till noon to mend Parleys waggon[.] made a new box[.] Br [James] Losson [Lawson] did not get up last night[,] came this forenoon[.] start 1 oclock[.] go 8 miles[.] camp on a willow stream[.] set the wagons any way[.] John Smith turned his waggon over down hill[.] sister hunters axaltree broke[.] we put a pole under[.] drove into camp[.] there was more broke[.] I was caled to Dealia [Harriet Cordelia Williams] Beach in the night

Wednesday 22 divide the Co[.] each ten go by themselves[.] we go 10 miles[,] camp on a fork of weaver [Weber] river[.] our waggons stand in the road[.] I have took up some goosbery bushes[.] the Doctor broke his waggon twice[.] P G shot a duck[.] saw where a grisly Bear passed, [Martin] Dewitt saw him

Thursday 23 Br Wipple pased us[.] we lost the bull here[.] P G found him[.] overtook us after we got almost over the mountain[.] I drove <up and> down till he come[.] had to leave one of my oxen[.] he was lame[.] go 10 miles[.] camp on willow spring

Friday 24 go 14 miles[.] P G went back and got the ox[.] we drove him into the cannion. left him[.] got into the valley[.] it is a beautiful place[.] my heart flows with gratitude to God that we have got home all safe[,] lost nothing[,] have been blesed with life and health[.] I rejoice all the time

Saturday 25 P G went back to help up the rear of his camp[.] they have all got here safe[.] some broken waggons but no broken bones[.] I have drove my waggon all the way <but> part of the two last mts P G drove a litle[.] I broke nothing nor turned over[,] had good luck