Transcript for Sessions, Perrigrine, Reminiscences and diaries, 1839-1886, vol. 5

Tuesday 23 Started and crosed the river and camped at Old winter quarters all safe acrost and on our way in camp sixteen wagons

Wednesday 24 traveled to the Pafeo [Papillon Creek] and camped all well

Thursday 25 crosed the Elkhorn river and camped on a slue[.] Some thirty Indians about us to beg but no hostilities

Friday 26 camped on the Plat[te] river[.] a hevy raine storm and about forty Indians came and seamed quite hostile and stole eleven head of cattle in the night from a company clost to us

Saturday 27 Camped on a slue but saw no Indians

Sunday 28 made a long drive and crosed shell crick [creek] whare the Iindians had taken tole of many that had pased but they let us pass as we were a strong company[.] they stood back and let us pass[.] camped on the plat[te] river all well

Monday 29 arived to the loop [Loup] fork of the plat[te] river and camped on a slue below the fery.

Tuesday 30 Crosed all but one wagon and camped on the west bank and a tremendious shower of raine and one horse killed with lightning not far from our camp

Wednesday 31 all well[.] left camp at nine in the morning[.] made a good drive and camped on a slue[.] found ten head of cattle and took them along[.] some raine

Thursday June 1 all well[.] left camp in good season[.] made a good drive and camped on a slue

Friday 2 continued our journey up the loop [Loup] fork of the plat[te] and camped near the Old crosing made by the Saints in 47[.] here they woude leave the loop [Loup] fork

Saturday 3 pased through the sand hills and camped at too oclock on acount of the raine that fell all night in torrents[.] in the Morning the face of the earth covered with water[.] Here a company overtook us that had a fight with the Indians[.] too or three wounded and lost eleven horses but as yet the Lord has preserved out little traine

Sunday 4 traviled to Praire Crick [Creek] and found it too high to cross[.] camped all well and union prevailes in the camp[.] I am now in sight of a bout five hundred cattle and fifty wagons one of them had eleven ball holes in it made by the Indians

Monday 5 the stream had risen some five feet staid in camp all day one of the company killed a fine Deer

Tuedsay 6 crosed the stream and went on and camped on the west side at or near its head[.] all well

Wednesday 7 crosed Wood river too Tole Bridg and camped in the prarie and in the night the gard was alarmed by too men dresed like Indians & no doubt intended to steale our horses[.] all the camped waked up and ordered to bee redy for a fite as we looked for white Indians as we knew they were after us

Thursday 8 about ten too men sean near the river too miles from the road[.] met one on horsback that looked very suspisous[.] camped on a slue near Elm crick [creek] and in the night too more men pased us at full speed about too in the morning

Saturday 9 Continued our journey to Buffalow Crick met five men on horseback that looked suspisious[.] camped e[a]rly to do some washing

Sunday 10 Staid in camp untill eleven and caled the camp together[.] had prayers and anumber expresed their fealings of thankfulness to God who had preserved us from thieves and robery and for our good health[.] crosed the crick[.] camped by a slue pased a new grave <died> too days before

Monday 11 all well camped near the sandy bluffs[.] my health very poor[.] a bad Diesee [disease]

Tuesday [12] all well[.] camped on a slue near too big springs[.] health poor not able to sit up more than half of the day