Transcript for Seth M. Blair papers, 1851-1868, Reminiscence and journal, 1876, 1851-1868, 5-6

On the 6th day of June 1850, we left Councill bluffs & was 90 days.3. three months in Travelling to the Valley a midst Death & disease for half the time & distant. as the Cholera broke out in my Camp before I left Kanesville Iowa and we had the Cholera for the distance of 300 or 400 miles and traveled in the midst of it daily to all appearances[.] for there was many hundred familys journeying the Same way with us who had the Cholera in their midst and maney of the Saints fell yea and maney of the Gentiles allso[.] at Each Camping place, we had to mourn over the Tomb Stones or Graves of our bretheren & friends. whitch on Such a journey was trying to us for our journey was long & Tedious in the willderness[.] I brought through with a partner Thos. S. Williams Goods & merchandize for Sale & Some poor bretheren & Sisters and I Seen a prophecy of Joseph Smith fullfilled on this Journey for he said the Missourian Mobbers bones Should bleach on the praires & I saw them bleaching often times on our way