Transcript for Shadrach Roundy journal, 1850 June-September

[June] 27 Passed 7 Graves[.] Roads Good[.] plenty of feed but no wood or water fit to drink[.] plenty of Slough Water for Cattle

28 Heavy Rain[.] Roads Bad[.] Met 2 Teams from Valley[.] passed one Grave. No Wood or Water[.] another Death[.] a Daughter of W[illia]ms Camp

29 Roads bad. More Rain[.] Met Kearney Mail. Lost 6 head of Horses belonging to Motts Camped at a Slue[.] Water bad and no Wood

30 Drove to Fairview in Sight of the Platte and Laid up[.] The Valley Mail came in Camp at noon and Stopt untill next day[.] here we found good water[.] Plenty of Wood and fine feed for our Cattle[.] after leaving Weeping Water Untill we Struck this Creek we found no Water fit for drinking but abundance of Slough Water in almost every ravine and plenty of good feed. but no Wood

July 1st 1850

Roads Bad[.] Several Wet Swamps to cross[.] passed one Grave[.] Bad Water[.] No Wood. 2 carrells [corrals.] this night the Mott crowd in by themselves

2nd Passed a Number of Bad Sloughs[.] Broke axletree of [David Henry] Becks Waggon[.] passed 6 Graves[.] drove on to Cotton Wood point on Platte and Camped[.] found plenty of Fuel[,] Water[,] and feed and saw 3 Graves here

3 Roads good[.] camped at River[.] no Wood[.] Passed 5 Graves

4 Crossed Bluffs. Fight between [Ca.fs] and his driver[.] drove about 23 Miles[.] The Weather being very warm some of the ox Teams failed in getting to camp. Stopt some 5 Miles in the rear[.] 4 Graves this day[.] Camped near River. no Wood

5 Laid up untill Balance of Train arrived then drove about 15 Miles To a Number of Bad Sloughs.

July 15 Met Government Train of 4 Waggons[.] passed 13 Graves[.] saw Fields of Buffalos[.] Camped on Bluff near lower Crossing of South Fork. Motts lost fine Horse by running Buffalos and found a man 3 miles off the road in a Starving Condition

16 Detained on account of Cattle Straying[.] Saw Thousands of Buffalo[.] passed 10 Graves[.] camped at River[.] no Wood[.] a good Spring 100 to the left of Road

17 Passed 17 Graves[.] The Mail from Counsel [Council] Bluff nooned with us[.] Roads Firstrate [.] Camped 1 Mile from Road near River

18 Drove to Upper Crossing of the South Fork. difficulty in crossing on account of Quick Sand[.] Passed 14 Graves. feed good


July 19 1850

Crossed the River and camped on the other side also Walls 50

20 Drove to Ash Hollow[.] Roads Hilly[.] one Very Steep[.] desend [desent] near the Hollow. Plenty of good Springs here. Wood but no feed. 11 Graves

21 Drove 2 Miles to feed &Laid up[.] passed 5 Graves

22 Passed 12 Graves[.] the Roads Sandy and very heavy[.] Camped at River[.] no Wood[.] feed good

23 Heavy Sand all day[.] Passed 19 Graves[.] Camped on river[.] no Wood

24 Camped 3/4 Mile from road near River & in Sight of Chimney Rock and opposite Ancient Ruin Bluffs[.] Good Spring here and a number along the road[.] passed 14 Graves

25 Passed 14 Graves[.] Camped at River near Chimney Rock

26 Nooned at Chimney Rock then drove to foot of Scotts Bluff[.] passed 12 Graves[.] Camped near Bennets 50

27 Rain[.] Laid over

28 Drove to Trading point[.] passed 6 Graves[.] Feed Scarce. Bennets 50[.] Walls 50. Oregon Packers & Horse Teams for the Mines all camped here[.] No feed or Water for Stock

29 Drove 2 Miles[.] Round Bluff to good Camp ground[.] 6 Graves.

30 Drove 20 Miles[.] Camped near River[.] good Feed[.] passed 6 Graves[.] only 8 Teams[.] Ballance of Train withdrew and went ahead

31 Passed 17 Graves[.] Camped within 10 Miles of Fort Laramie[.] met a Return Gover[n]ment Train[.] Feed Good[.] Plenty of Wood

August 1st 1850

Crossed Larimie [Laramie] Fork at Noon[.] Passed 15 Graves. also Bennets 50 and Balance of our Train[.] Camp[ed] 3 Miles ahead of them beyond the Steep desend [descent] of hill[.] one more Team left this day (the widow [sic]

2 Crossed Some Steep Hills[.] passed 3 Graves[.] Camped at Dead Timber Creek in Company with Sessions 50

3 ["error" is written in the margin] Laid up 3/4 of the Day on acc[oun]t of [David Henry] Beck[']s Cow Straying[.] drove 5 Miles to [sentence unfinished]

3 Drove to Horse Creek[.] Road heavy[.] Good Spring here[.] feed Tolerable

4 Laid up 3/4 of the day[.] Lost Cow by Running back[.] drove 5 Miles over Big Hill and Camped at 1st Creek[.] feed good and some Water[.] Passed 5 Graves

5 Drove to La Bonte[.] passed 3 Graves and camped 2 1/2 Miles up Creek in Co[mpany] with Stewards Team of 5 Waggons & Col Reese

6 Drove to A La Prele[.] Passed littles Train. Broke Waggon of Griffeths on Red Sand[.] plenty of Wood & Water[.] feed Scarce

7 Drove 8 Miles to Fourch[e] Bois[e] passed 4 Graves Wood[,] water[,] & grass plenty

8 Drove 3 Miles beyond Deer Creek[.] passed 3 Graves[.] plenty of feed[.] [David Burlock] Lamoreaux left ox this day

9 Drove 12 Miles[.] good feed and plenty of Wood and water near deep gulph [gulf]

10 Laid up[.] ox Died for Lamoreaux

11 Came on to Upper Platte ferry[.] crossed river and Camped on opposite side[.] 3 Graves feed Scarce[.] destruction of Property here by gold diggers Tremendious

Aug 12th 1850

Drove 12 Miles on new Road and Camped on Platte River for the last time[.] Roads hilly and very sandy[.] feed fine

13 Camped at Willow Springs[.] 1 Grave here[.] no feed[.] Met Gover[n]ment men Fort Hall

14 Drove to Greace [Grease] Wood[.] Met Express from Valley[.] passed 2 Graves[.] food good & plenty of sage

15 Camped at Independence Rock[.] Roads sandy and very heavy[.] feed Tolerable[.] no Wood[.] quite a number of dead cattle on the road

16 Drove 3 Miles beyond Devils Gate[.] passed 6 Graves[.] feed excellent

17 Drove 13/4 Miles beyond Sage Creek[.] passed 4 Graves[.] Boys left [David Henry] Beck[.] wood and water[.] no grass of any acct[.] Road heavy and very Sandy[.] crossed Sweet Water twice this day

18th Laid up[.] Cold Rain Storm

19th Still Storming.

20 Drove to Rocky Ridges[.] passed 2 Graves[.] Roads very bad[.] feed tolerable good

21 Killed 2 Buffalos[.] Laid up and dried Meat

22 Same

23 Drove to Ford No 4[.] Lamb part of Johnsons Co Joined in[.] feed good[.] Met Cattle from Valley for littles Train

24 Camped at Ford No 5 passed number of Dead Cattle[,] Ice Spring &1 Grave[.] feed poor

25 Drove 10 Miles to Where road leaves River [.] passed one Grave[.] feed Scarce

26 Crossed Rocky Ridges Road[.] after that good[.] Camped on Willow Creek[.] passed 2 Graves[.] feed good

27 Drove to Pacific Springs[.] passed 7 Graves[.] feed good

Aug 28th 1850

Drove 10 Miles on New Road to avoid to[o] Sandy[']s[.] found feed good &[.] Water plenty

29 Drove 8 Miles by noon to 3rd Creek[.] from here no more Water for 24 Miles when you Strike big Sandy[.] Road good[.] Drove 6 Miles further & Camped

30 Started at 1 oclock and drove to Big Sandy by 9 & Laid by untill 3 and came on 1 Mile beyond the Bend

31 Drove to green River by noon[.] feed here excellent[.] Difficult crossing[.] Water very high[.] Came on to Where Road leaves River and Camped in Company with Thomas Johnson'[s] 50[.] Plenty of Timber and Water but feed Scarce[.] 3 Graves

September 1st 1850

Drove on to Hams Fork and found excellent feed[.] one Grave

2 Camped 1 Mile beyond 4 Crossing of Blacks Fork[.] feed fine

3 Drove to Fort Bridger. Stewards Train here[.] feed good[.] 2 Graves

4 Drove to Soda Springs[.] Met help for Lamoreaux[.] feed good[.] Met Capt Stansbury this day[.] passed 4 Graves

5 Met I [Shadrach] Roundy near Summit of High Ridge[.] drove to Bear River[.] found feed good

6 Drove to Deep Rivine [ravine.] feed good

7 Camped near Red fork of Weber[.] 4 Graves[.] feed pretty good

8 Kanyon [Canyon] Creek Roads bad but plenty of Feed

9 Summit of 2nd Mountain[.] no feed

10 Nooned between the 2 Mountains and Camped in the City of the Great Salt Lake


Distances from Bethleham [Bethlehem] to Government Roadgood place to camp all along		30Weeping Water (good Spring)	10	40Salt Creek  no water to [dr...]	10	50Spring Creek on Platte Bottoms	60	110Cotton Wood point on River	34	144Fort Kearney	                86	230River	                        12	242Plumb Creek	                18	260South Fork 1st Crossing	        63	323Upper Crossing	                47	370Ash Hollow	                18	388Chimney Rock	                66	454Scotts Bluffs	                 8	462Trading point	                13	475River	                        20	495Foot of Bluffs	                20	515Fort Larimie [Laramie]	        10	525


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