Transcript for Sheets, Susanna Musser, Journal, in Elijah Funk Sheets, Journals, 1843-1904, vol. 1

June the 6 th 1847
Winter quarters
[ blank space ] we left this place on the 6 for the mountains & on the 8 thay Orgenized Captens of tens[.] on the 9 thay bilt a Raft and on the 10 we crost on the other side Horn [Elkhorn River], & on the 13 th we held the first meeting, on the 14 th thay Errected a Pole for the sign of Liberty & a Flag was raised also on the same day[.] Br Mellon reached our Camp and on the same day sister Frost Recived a letter from hir Husband

June the 16th
Letter found by a man who was supposed to have bean murderd by the Indians only 12 Miles from our Camp. Mr [Daniel] Spencer found the letter & brought it back to the Camp it was red to the public & then sent back from whens it was sent,

on the 19th we left the Horn for the Plat[te River] wich was 13 miles,

on the 20th we held a meeting at the Liberty Pole, P[arley] P Pratt[,] J Ta[y]lor [blank space] the instructurs

June the 20th 1847
O painfull though one Brother shot by the Omahaw [Omaha] Indians; his sufferings was soon over[.] he left tow [two] Sisters in our Camp to lement his loss not only them but the whole Camp

Oh Liberty whare art thy Charms and when will we injoy them,

on the 22 we traveld 13 miles up the Plat river; & on the 23th we traveled 15 miles; we past a grate many Romantic sceans [scenes] & among the rest we past a Indian grave;—

on the 24 we if traveld 7 miles & then Camped for the night as thare is—wore in the Cap Camp & on the 25 we traveld 12 miles, it is the plesents pplace we have camped since we left the Horn and on the 26th we traveld 18 miles,

on the 27th we did not travel but held a meeting[.] Br Smith & Br.—You[n]g principle instructters[.] Som forded the Be[a]ver Crick [Creek] in the evening

on the 28th we crost Bever Crick & traveled 6 miles; we seen whare the Indians is farming corn,

on the 29th we traveld 01 miles, we crost t[w]o steams one of wich was Quite wide[.] it [is] 1 mile this side of the F first Indian Vilage I hird [heard] since it is willow crick [Creek]

on the 30th we traveld 11 miles & reached Look [Loup] [blank space] Fork—

July the 1st 1847
we crost the Look Fork; one Child was kild in crossing; the waggon run over it;

on the 2 we traveled 18 miles over a large paria [prairie] and Capped [camped] in the ev[en]ing 6 miles from wood or water upper[.] the account of W. grate storm we seen Antilope [antelope] in aboundance,

on the 3 we traveled 16 miles, we Crost. 2 Stream of wich I have hird no [illegible] name but I will say we lost our tar Can; we made a bridg with grass, & reached what they Cald Grand Island & Capped [camped] thare

over the 4 4 we held A meeting, Br. Pratt; & Br. Tator, our—instructters;

on the 5 we crost a stream[.] [blank space] mad[e] a crosing, & traveled 16 miles & we Camped near a sine bord that the Pi[o]neers put up;

on the 6 we traveled 18 miles

on the 7 we traveld 18 miles[.] we saw [illegible] a grate many Paria [prairie] Dogs &

on the 8 we trav 12 miles[.] on the sam day 2 Horses was Cau[gh]t[.] one Child run over but not badly hurt,

on the 9 we traveld 11 miles

on the 10 we traveld 5 miles and Camped for over the Sabbath[.] on the 10 we held meeting in the evinng[.] our fifty shot 5 Buffalow

on the 11 we traveld 12 miles,

on the 12 we traveld 15 miles[.] kild 3 Buffalow & saw 2 Horses—

on the 13 traveld 5 miles then camped till the next day[.] we stoped to feed & rest the Cattle

4 Buffalows kild on the 4 14[.] we traveld 15 miles Camped at a large Spring

on the 15 traveld 12 miles[.] Buffalow git in the hird[.] shot one wounded three

on the 16 traveld 14 miles[.] Buffalow [-] Innumerable kild one at noon

on the 17 & 18 lade still held meeting[.] on the 17 miss Cattal found by Br [Rufus] Beach on the 18

July the 19th 1847
on the 19 traveled 9 miles & st stoped to provide Cattle for Brother Grant

on the 21 we traveld 10 miles & saw innumerable Buffalow

on the 21 traveld 10 miles[.] about 50 Indians made thar appearence[.] we made them a feast[.] the name of this tribe is the Sues [Sioux]

on the 22 we <did not> traveld[.] we wated for the other Compenys, the Indians Visitted us again[.] we had som music & Dansing[.] the trading was don out of Camp

on the 23 we traveld 11 miles[.] som trading was don[.] left the Indians friendly.

on the 24 did not travel[.] held meeting. hird the news from the Bretheren, Pineers

on the 25 we traveld 20 miles

on the 26 traveld 18 miles[.] another party of the Sue. [Sioux] Indians viseted us in number about 100[.] thay left us friendly

on the 27 we traveld 17 miles[.] Crost a large Stream

on the 28 traveld 17 miles[.] Crost vary large Sand bluffs

on the 29 traveld 15 miles past many Dramatic Seans [scenes]; Co[u]rthouse [Court House Rock] among the rest

30 traveld 15 miles past the Chimely [Chimney Rock]

on the 31 traveld 51 miles, no grass,

August the 1 1847
on the 1 did not traved[.] tow [two] Cows dide [died.] others sick

on the 2 traveld 25 miles no grass

on the 3 traveled 16 miles on the traveled [-] miles

on the 4 traveled 7 miles[.] Crosed the Plat[te.] Camped at 12 o clock[.] Indians numerous but friendly[.] we made then [them] a fest

on the 5 traveled 6 miles[.] Camped but ut Cole [coal],

blacksmithed on the 6

on the 7 smithed[.] traveled 2 miles in the evning

on the 8 traveled 15 miles, to wagons brock down[.] forge put up & Smithing don[.] left the right rode[.] was going back to the fort[.] good water short grass

on the 9 traveled 15 miles

on the 10 traveled 3 miles crost a hill 2 mile narly purpendicular

on the 11 traveled 18 miles

on the 12 traveld 14 miles[.] broke 3 waggons

on the 13 Smithed[.] camped near a stream

on the 14 held meeting in the evning[.] Mr [Joseph Albert] & Mrs [Mary Ann] Strat[t]on and & our selves took a walk in the woods

on the 15 Brother Benson & Rockwell & Burly reached us[.] thay left us & went to see the other Compenys[.] we traveld 12 miles reached the Plat

on the 16 traveled 15 miles

on the 17 traveled 14 miles camped at the old fery[.] no grass

on the 18 layed in[.] camped till noon then traveled 7 miles crost the Plat

on the 19 left the River & traveled 11 miles[.] no grass bad water[.] in the evning Brother Benson came back to our Camp & brought tradings from the other camps[.] bought Cattle [illegible]

on the 21 Bro Pratt kild a Buffalow[.] traveld 13 miles[.] poor grass

on the 22 layed in camped […..] all the cattle sick som dide

on the morning of the 23 left before breckfast & went till we found feed[.] traveld 11 miles, & reached the Sweet water [Sweetwater River.] good grass & seen the Sight of the western world, the Rock of indipendanc [Independence Rock] & eny water of Saliratteris [salaterus]

on the 24 past through the Devils gate[.] camped 7 miles this side of the gate[.] traveled 12 miles[.] good grass

on the 25 traveled 10 miles[.] camped on Sweet water[.] good grass

on the 26 intelagence from the [illegible] Camps wishing us to halt[.] traveled 21 miles Crost Sweet water 4 times

on the 27 traveled 10 miles[.] Camped on Sweet water

on the 28 traveled 11 miles

on the 29 traveled 17 miles[.] in the e[ve]ning met with David Sessions[.] some grass

on the 30 traveled 10 & camped

on the 31 traveled 7 miles & camped without wood[,] water or grass or poor—

September the 1 1847
on the 1 traveled 10 miles Camped on the Sweet water[.] good grass

the morning of the 2 Som Cattle missing detained us Som time[.] traveled 13 miles wich brought us to the Pasiphic [Pacific] Spring[.] Som grass[.] Indians visetted us of the Snake, thay are not as nobl thinking as the Sues [Siouxs] yet well [sentence unfinished]