Transcript for Sheets, Susanna Musser, to Anna Bitner, 11 June 1847, in Musser family, Letters 1847-1849; 1877

Camp for the Travalors Rest June the 11[,] 1847

Dear Mother

we left your Camp on the 6 and traveled 5 miles and then camped for the night, the next day we traveled within 8 miles of the Horn

<on> the 9 <then> we reached the Horn and built a raft and

on the 10 we Crost the other side[.] train is @ 3 wagons in Company with us and more Crosing every day; we have not seen any Indians as yet but we keep a guard out day & night[.] the Horn is a long stream our folks is now bilding a bridrg [bridge] making fence & burning Cole the fence is to keep the cattle in [-] after night; we expect to leave hear the 15th for the moutens [mountains.] we have had some very hard rain but our wagon was as drie as eny house[.] we are all well and doing as well as we can. Elijah sends his love to you; this Compeny is Orgonized that is we have Captins of tens & of 50—

Elijah [Sheets] is Capton of ten Parly & others Stratton is—Clunk [Clerk] of our ten I must stop.

yours with Respect

S[usanna]. Sheetz [Sheets]