Transcript for Sheets, Susanna Musser, to Anna Bitner, 25 July 1847, in Musser family, Letters 1847-1849; 1877

July the 25 1847

Dear Mother

As I think I will have a [-] opportunity to send you a few lines I will improve the time [--] well Elijah is gon to meeting and I am now three hundred & 20 miles from you waiting, som of the [- -] our Camp this morning, the news they brought I will not [-] untill Elijah coms home. I will tell you all about it when I hearit, we would like to see you all very much, our journey so far has been very plesent[.] the weather has bean good for travling[.] not much rain but still a suffichant to have good grass and cattle do well, we travel in hundreds & fiftyts[.] I have not seen Uncle Neffs for near 2 weeks before this morning we are not in the same Company

they came up this morning, they are well[.] I went out to the road to see them as they past our Camp[.] on the 23 we saw the first Indians. we Camped near their Lodges thair was about a dusen met us first[.] they met us as thair friends

the next day 300 payed us a visit[.] we made them fest[.] we had some Dansing boath them and us[.] thay seemed well pleased thair treatment; I would like to see Amos & Benjamin & all the rests,

Yours with Respect
Susannah Musser