Transcript for "Short History of Mary Bathgate Logan Adams, Hand Cart Pioneer to Utah 1856," p. 2-3

[The mother was bitten by a rattlesnake while crossing the plains.  She wrote the following poem to commemorate the event.]




Come all ye Saints of Latter Days

            Where ever you may be

Come join me to praise the Lord

            For his goodness unto me.


I left my native country.

            It was the Lords command.

With five hundred Saints of Latter Days

            To go to Zion’s land.


We crossed o’er the mighty deep

            All in Enochtrain”.

In charge of Dan McArthur

            We crossed o’er the plain.


We traveled on six hundred miles

            And nothing did we fear,

For I know this is the work of God

            Which do’th my spirits cheer.


The trials of this journey great

            Which I did undertake

Not one of them cost me a thought

            Till I met this rattle-snake.


In me it fixed its poisonous dart.

            It stung my ancle bone.

My little child cried out,

            “Alas my Mother’s gone.”


Oh no, said I my little child

            The Priesthood is restored.

Go bring to me the Elders quick

            I’ve faith in Isreals God.


The Elders they were sent for

            And quickly came with speed.

And Brother Leonard tenderly

            Did cause the wound to bleed.


They anointed me with holy oil,

            On me their hands they laid.

And I the blessings have received,

Just as the Lord had said.


So praise the Lord, O, every one

For his power is restored again;

I praise his name forever more,

So amen and amen.