Transcript for Shoshone Mission journal, 1855 May-1857 October, 41-60

On Sund the 7 [Sep 1856] John Smith the Patriarch came & attended meeting as he was on the way to meet the S[ain]ts on the plains[.] We gave him Some potatoes &c to cary along & he pronounced a blessing on us.

On Monday <8th> the Bro. Bullock & Snow organized a council consisting of Edson Whiple[,] John Pulsipher[,] John Alger[,] Wm Meeks[,] John Harvey[,] M. M. Sanders[,] E. T. Mumford[,] Wm Thompson[,] H. W. Sanderson[,] W. W. Sterrett[,] Geo W Boyd[,] & A. W. Baker. The object of this was to counsel to gather & plan things the best to promote the interests of this mission

On the 17 P. P. Pratt & a co. of about 25 Elders Past, on their way to the States & England. We carry a few bush- of potatos to them. also some Butter & cheese.

Many of the men from here are going to the Valley to get provisions & many are going to winter there on account of crops failing here.

On the 8 of Oct. we had a cold Snow Storm, continued half of the day & most of the night. Snow only laid 2 or 3 inches deep Besides what melted as it fell

Thursday the 9th we fasted & prayed for the good of the mission & the prosperity of Zion etc. The snow went off to day. We caried in Victuals & fed 70 Indians

Sund 18[.] a Snowy day – as we were in meeting Eld[er] T. D. Brown arrived from the Valley. He was one of the home missionaries. Bro Bullock called on him to speak to the people. So he arose & Said last monday Prest. Young[,] Kimball & Grant, Gen. Wells & a few others Started for this place traveled 25 miles & camped on E Kanyon near the upper cottonwood grove. The next morn Prest Young was taken very Sick – an awful pain Seized him almost instantly. he fell to the ground & could not bear to be moved to the waggon for some time. The Brethren administered to him, & Bros Kimball & grant went out & prayed when it was Shown to them that some a<w>ful crimes had been committed there long ago & the Evil Spirits crowd around that place & have great power there. Therefore it <was> made known to them that they should move from that place as soon possible – They went in & told the Prest the revelation they had when it was decided that they Should all go back Except Bro Brown & John Tobin who should come & survey the land in G[reen]. R[iver]. c

The counsel met a number of times This week & decided how the Land Should be Surveyed

Bro Brown with some the Bren-[brethren] to help him commenced & continued the Surveying. The weather cold & snowy

On the 22 Bishop A. O. Smoot came for some help to move the train of goods belonging to the Church that he had gone to the states to bring up. he wanted some help move from G River to Fort Bridger. Bro Smoot Stayed over night[.] other Brethren assembled & heard him preach on the wars & destruction that have already commenced in the lower world. he acknowledged the hand of the Lord in preparing him to get back to mountains

At the close of the meeting Ox teams were Volunteered for the above purpose[:] John Pulsipher 1[;] Josh[ua] Terry 1[;] A. W. Baker 1[;] Geo. B. Teeples 1[;] James Ivie 3[;] Wm Lish 1[;] Moroni Cole 1[;] Isaac Baum 1[;] Alma Taylor 1[;] Thos Slater 1[;] Amounting to 12 yoke of oxen[.] M. Cole, M Tracy & T Slater Voluntered to go & drive. They were only gone 4 days.

On the Eve of the 27 27th an express arived from the hand cart co. that was at the Sweet water – Stating they were in a deplorable Situation. The snow a foot deep & weather very cold – 32 had died in 5 days

Bro Bullock called a meeting & said the horse teams were wanted to go immediately to their relief when the Brethren offered their teams as follows[:] Sidney Kelley [Kelly] 1 horse & wagon[;] Eli Tracy 1[;] Geo B. Teeples 1[;] A.W. Baker 1[;] H. W. Sanderson 2[;] J Bingham 2 mules[;] Joshua Terry 2[;] T. D. Brown 2 mules[;] H. M. Russell 2. Making 7 teams & 6 wagons –

The following Brethren Volunteered to go & drive the teams[:]
H.W. Sanderson[,] J. Terry[,] D Cole[,] Mosiah Tracy, H. M. Russell & J. Bingham who being the oldest man was chosen to take charge of the Co. Started next morning with provisions & horse feed.

Sunday the 2d of Nov Eld[er]. T. D. Brown preached an excellent discourse on the present situation of the church & the reformation that is taking place in the Valley. Warning the people to repent & forsake their evil ways or the judgements of God were at hand. He kindly entreated all to purify themselves & live so as to enjoy the light of the holy spirit so the Evil spirits that surround us may not have power over us –

Prest Bullock & others have been preaching the reformation for some weeks – & many begin to feel the spirit of it. while some are careless.

Monday the 3d Nov. 1856[.] the co that went to help the handcart co. returned, having brot up the co as far as Bridger & met plenty of teams from the Valley who were called out on Sunday morn the 26 of Oct.

The word of the Lord came to Prest. B. Young at that time, it being the very mornin that the express started from Sweetwater a distance of upward of 200 m. The Lord showed Prest. Young the situation of those handcart cos & told him to call out 500 teams to go forthwith & bring them in.

The call was made in the public congregation by a “Thus Saith the Lord.” The teams were on the road to meet the sufferers before the Express arrived who traveled as fast as possible, geting fresh horses every chance – but with all the Speed of man, it was not enough[.] the Lord made bare his almighty arm for the deliverance of his people Which is another proof that the Lord makes his will known to his serv[an]t the Prophet

To Show <how> times are in the Valley & to keep Safe the advice & council of Prest. Young we will record a letter that he sent to us.

Presidents Office
G Salt Lake City Oct 24/56
To Lemar Robinson & Isaac Bullock
Dear Brethren. Your note per Mr Gilbert arrived this day And I improve the opportunity of Sending out to morrow by Bro Barker to reply[.] We also ware disappointed in not paying you a visit which we had long contemplated and finally attempted. but as you have been already informed was obliged to return owing to my Severe Sickness

My health now is quite improved. So Severe an attack could not well but be soon over with one way or the other & I feel thankfull that I am yet spared to live upon the earth and witness the salvation of god

The weather for a few days has been quite cold. Some snow falling on the mountains. We are informed that it fell a foot deep in Tooele, but the ground is beare in this place valley and the weather growing a little warmer.

We feel quite anxious in regard to our emigration Companies and wish you to render them all the assistance you can that will add to their comefort or expediate them upon their Journey

In regard to your survey to at your place[.] We do not consider it necsary to make an intire survey of the Ranch but to have some points determined and lines run so that you can get the lay of the land & be able to tell your whereabouts. Fort Supply probaly better make a survey of small lots that they can enclose with a good Substantial wall near their farming land if a Suitable site exists for its location. The Brethren who have ben so long located in that region travaling through and fro over the country should know where the best place is for a city or a fort. high ground should be a consideration not easely approachable by an enemy without obersavasion. the lots must necessarily be small in order to be enclosed. neither should the farming lots be to large, as u will always find it better to cultivate a little land well, than more land not well.

We feel gratified to h iav<ave> that region of country so peacefuly brot into control of law, & so Salutary our influence extended not only over the trancient Settlers but the nation which we hope will continue & become permanent.

That is an important point & Should be maintained not only for the good influence above alluded to, but for agricultural purposes & for the assistance of emigrants & travelers.

When the hand cart trains advance as far as your neighborhood we wish you to help put your ox teams into the trains[.] their may be many teams at St Supply let all be raised that can be spared[.] And if the weather should shut down so that they couldant return they can be maintained hear and return in the spring. We are still sanguine that it will moderate and we yet have a spell of pleasant weather before winter in which case they can return, but if it should continue cold and stormey and those emigrating with the Handcarts come along needing help at Fort Supply and bridger do their utmost for their releif, let them pick up women and children and the infirme and bring them in.

All is well with us pease and quite ness prevailing. May the lord bless you with wisdome from on high to guide you in all things g and give you health and strength to sustain you in evry time of need is the prayer of your Brother in the gospel of Christ
Brigham Young

The forgoing letter u see was written before the news of the Suffering of the handcart cos reached the Valley & before the letter reached us we had heard of their Suffering & Sent our teams to their assistance with men to drive taking Provision fodder &c

We had also got our surveying commenced exactly as Prest Young advised altho his advice did not reach us til after we had done it.

On the 5 Snow storm commenced[.] Snowd 30 hours & cleard off cold as greenland – continued Sharp winter weather for some time. we had to haul our wheat in the snow in order to save it. as the storms come so often that before it was dry another come

Sunday the 9th of Nov 1856
Prest. Bullock preached a good mormon Sermon on our evry day duties[.] Said he was about to start for the Valley & would speak on our Several duties & the interests of the mission – advised evry person to purify themselves & get, & keep the Spirit of the Lord & that will teach u to be obedient to all the requirements of those that are over us – be fervent in prayer Seek the Lord early & late. do nothing except what u do in the name of the Lord. build good fences, Save the best Seeds of all kinds[,] dung the land & prepare it in the best of order & put in the Seeds at the right time & do it in the name of the Lord & u will have good crops

It is necessary that I should be absent from u the coming winter to attend the legislature & I propose that Bro. John Harvey preside here til I or Bro Snow Shall come, called am expression of the Bren [Brethren], all were agreed[.] Joshua Terry Said he wanted to go to the Valley & asked the priviledge to Stay thro the winter[.] Bro. Bullock moved that he go & have our faith & prayers, the Vote was unaminous.

Some time ago John Alger[,] Thos. Jones[,] & John Foy asked the priviledge to take their families in as the[y] had not provision to winter them here & A G Green a Single man wished to go – permission was given

At a meeting of the council, after some talk & reasoning on the interests of the mission it was motioned that Horace Tracy[,] Robert Richardson[,] <Byron Fyfield> & Charles Wood be dropped from this mission & reports to head quarters, for deserting their mission & not returning[.] <Seconded &> caried unanimous.

On Tuesday Eve Nov 11 we had a good time. The teachers of Ft. Supply took it upon themselves to act as a committee to get up a feast in honor of Bro Bullock[.] All that felt to go into it with their whole Soul & get it up in good order, had the priviledge. others that were careless & indiferent were not invited –

About 70 persons assembled at 4 P M. Altho we were in our poverty because of the failure of crops &c, we truly had a Sumptuous feast – one that would have done honor to any of the old cities of the world –

Bro Bullock Expresst his thanks to us for the honor that was shown him – & blesst us in the name of the Lord & Said we Should prosper

While we were Seated at the table – the news come that the last cos, of hand carts were perishing in the Snows on Sweet water, & that the teams Sent from the valley had turned back before meeting them – Prest. Bullock called for Volunteers to go & Save that that perishing people – Evry man present was ready to Start with all his team & Seams anxious to do all in their <Power> to help them. It was proposed that we out of our Scanty Supply, Send them Some feed to Save their Starving teams
Isaac Bullock offered 500 lbs fodder
Jared Bullock offered 500 lbs fodder
John Pulsipher offered 500 lbs fodder
A. W. Baker offered 1000 lbs fodder
E. B. Ward offered 200 lbs fodder

Enough of our men Stayed to keep the Ft. & Bro. Bullock with the rest, & what horses & oxen were able to go Started on Wednesday the 12 with all the Speed possible – & as they went Stoped all the Valley teams & turnd them back to help that co before the return to the Valley – The news was sent to Prest. Young that the great majority of the teams that he Sent out had turnd back when they come to the deep Snow near the S. Pass. The Gov Sent Wm Kimball to turn those around in short order & not return til they bring in those poor S[ain]ts – that are perishing in the Snow

Those men Said the reason they turnd <back> was because they could hear nothing from the last hand cart co – & supposed Supposed they had gone back to the States or made their winter quarters in the Buffalo country.

But they were very much blamed for leting the devil put any Such thots into their heads - - When the word of the Lord comes for men to do anything they ought not to turn back for a little Snow, or the fear of loosing their horses or any other foolish notion – If the trials are great or the circumstances unfavorable go ahead & trust in the god that called u, for he never tells men to do any thing except he gives them Strength to do it if they are faithful.

Our horse teams helped the hand cart cos. & the ox teams went back to help an ox trains that were destitute.

Sat. Eve. Bro. Bullock returned & Preached to those that <are> at this place on Sund. 23[.] Says they have got the Emigration all this Side of the South Pass & all the foot cos were in the waggons & making good progress towards the Valley – Many of those foot co[mpanie]s have died & many have froze their feet –

Says also: the he was thankful to meet again with the Sts st Fr. Supply & gave much good instruction – advised us to do all the work this winter that we can to prepare to put in an early crop in the spring[.] Stock the plows make the fence, manure the land & then as soon as the ground is in order in Spring put in the Seeds – take good care of the cattle etc.

After meeting Prest. Bullock Started for the Valleyto attend the Legislative Assembly – The day was cold & Stormy – The weather has been rough, Snow flying in the air a great portion of the time for a month, altho it has not fell in the roads so as to stop the travel.

On Thursday the 27 the news came that the last ox train of our Emigration was way beyond green River & not able to get up to here without more help, the teams that were Sent from Ft. Supply were doing all they could & could only move a part of the co – at a time. & the people had to eat the poor cattle as they gave out, to save their own lives.

Bro Harvey was out on the road, So it fell to the teachers to see what could be done – a meeting was called, the business made known – Every man was wide awake to <do> Something Som th to <more> [to] help those that are in trouble, We gatherd all the cattle we could get whether the owners were here or not, & by yoking odd Steers together, & as a few more teams that had been to the Valley for provision had returnd, we made out 13 yoke of cattle – The women baked a lot of Brads while we were arranging the teams &c –

All this was done & the teams on the march in about 2 hours in charge of Bro, Mumford & Garner

Prest. Harvey returnd from the road this the 27 & was much pleased with what we had done & invited all hands to turn out tomorrow to commence the Meeting house that we have talked of building.

About 400 persons are at Bridger without teams to go to the Valley & they are nearly out of Provision & we have not the assistance for them –

Prest Harvey & W. Lish Started on the 4 Dec to take those of the co <to the Valley> – that <have> froze their feet so they will have to be cut off –

He left Wm Thompson to take charge or preside over the meetings & E. Whipple to take charge of the public work.

On Sunday Eve the 7th as we were devising means for the Support of this last co – of our emigration which we supposed would have to winter here[.] we all seemd wiling to divide our scanty portion of Bread with them & do as well for them as we do for our selves –

The news come that teams & flour were on the way to tak them to the Valley.