Transcript for Shumway, Andrew Purley, Reminiscences, 1869

On arriveing At New York, James Wilkin[,] James Andrus & myself were selected to proceed without delay to Burlington Iowa. To assist a few of the Brethren who had preceeded us across the water, & had been purchaseing Some Horces Waggons &c for our outfit across the Plains. We found the Brethren a few miles up the River from Burlington[.] We went to work fitting up & Soon left for the Missouri River (passing for Emigrants bound for California ) Many were the inquiries made of us if we were not afraid of the Mormons Captureing us, As the Government was at War with them & had a large Army near Salt Lake City. Our reply was that our numbers would [be] considerably augmented when we got to the frontiers & being well armed we thought it possible for us to get through all right. On arriveing at Crescent City I met my Father who had been sent to Canada on a Mission the next spring after my leaveing in the fall. On arriveing at Winter Quarters the rest of the Brethren met us they haveing come up the River from Saint Louis—And being joined by the Returning Missionaries from the States under the Command of David Brinton, And all things being in readiness we rolled out of Camp on the 3 rd of May for Utah, with John Berry as Captain & B[ernard] Snow as Sergeant of the Guard [.] There being about 60 of us alltogather & eight Men to each Waggon. I drove the only six mule team there was in the train. When we got to big Sandy we left the Main Road & took in to the hills so as to avoid Johnsons Army who were Supposed to be encamped near Fort Bridger[.] Bear River we found very high & our only way of crossing it was to take a couple of Waggon Boxes & cork them tight & use them for Ferry boats & Swim our, Horses, here James Andrus came near being drowned but was fortunately rescued by some of the Brethren[.] haveing arrived near the main road a Short distance below Cache Cave we halted for the night & sent men to reconnoitre who returned & reported that all was right. We rolled out Early next morning And after comeing to the main road traveled but a Short distance before we Suddenly came uppon a Party of Soldiers camped by the road Side. And a little father on found a plenty More[.] They seemed perfectly Paralysed & Struck with amasement at our Boldness & impudence in driveing past them without Saying a word doutlessly thinking we were only the advance of a large Army—

We arrived in Salt Lake City on the 21st June. And found the City evacuated. A few only being left as a guard