Transcript for Shurtliff, Lewis W., "Life and Travels of Lewis Warren Shurtliff."

In the Spring of Eighteen fifty one we took up our journey for the Rocky Mountains, the rivers and all the streams were swollen with the heavy rains and in Consequence of this, we undertook to head the Horn River, which thing I thought was very foolish, Indeed, to undertake going around the north pole to get west. I have after thought there was some Speculation in the matter.

After traveling and toiling for two months we found ourselves on the platt river one hundred and sixty miles wet of the Missouri River. It almost seemed that we had gotten home on account of the drery [---illegible] wastes and mountains that we had passed through. How we had started accrost the great western prairies of America, extending as far as the eye could reach, covered with the wild Byson or Buffalo; thousands could be seen at a glance. The country being wild it seemed to inspire me with a spirit of freedom; that the pioneer of America alone can feel.

I now began to think I was a traveler. After a journey of nearly four months we arived in Salt Lake City, having passed over some of the finest mountains in the world. And as I stood upon the Big Mountain, so called (a spur of the Wasach range) and looked down into the valley below my bosom was filled with emotion; canb it be possible that this butifull valley is a resting place for the Saints of God.

After passing down a very ruged Canyon we came in sight of the City of the Great Salt Lake which surely is an oasis in the desert.


The Spring of Eighteen Sixty three I was called to go to the States and take my team which I did, leaving my wife to get along as well as she could-- our journey down was slow but pleasant. When we arrived at Florence there had not any Saints come ariving to the War detaining them. We waited seven weeks at that place in the mean time I sold a yoke of oxen I had taken with me and bought some queens wo-e and other necessaries we returned in October having made the trip in about six months. Our Captains name was Thomas Ricks we arrived in Florence on the 23rd of June staid seven weeks arrived in Salt Lake on the thirteenth of October.