Transcript for Silas Richards reminiscences and journal, circa 1849-1871, 14-15


October 27. Started five horse teams back east to assist the hand cart companies. Our teams were loaded with feed, provisions, clothing, bedding, etc., a free will offering of the saints in Union for the benefit and assistance of the hand cart emigration, amounting to hundreds of dollars.

October 30. The mason work of my house was finished to-day.

November 3. Sent one wagon and two yoke of oxen loaded with corn and hay in charge of Bros. C. Nowlan and George Done for the relief of our teams on the plains.

November 9. Teams returned to Salt Lake City with 400 persons of the hand cart immigration, having been gone two weeks, and traveled 280 miles in snow storms and cold and hunger. 67 persons died.

November 10 Bp. Ed. Hunter directed me to take 3 little orphan sisters to wit: Susannah, age 11 years. Sarah Ann, age 4 1/2 years and Martha, age two years, the daughters of Daniel and Susannah Osborn who died on the plains, the children are very poor from suffering with cold and hunger and the want of proper nourishment and clothing. None of them are able to walk across the house without difficulty. Susannah's feet are badly brost [sic] bitten. Their only clothing being some remnants of summer apparel, no shoes or woolen stockings. They are very feeble and require much care and attention.

November 30. Last hand carts arrived, many frosted feet among them. (Little girls gaining fast.)