Transcript for Sims, Elizabeth Eldortha McDermott, Autobiography, 1912, 11-12

We started our journey with Brother Walker’s Company, known as "The Independence Company" August 12, 1865. Father and I walked the entire journey. We walked, drove ox teams and pushed hand carts for the privilege of having our little girl and luggage hauled in wagons. We would start out in the morning singing as we traveled, camp a couple of hours at noon, then travel on all afternoon, alwayshappy and cheerful, singing and making merry. When the wagon train would camp for the night the women folk would put on their big aprons and start in search of fuel, with which to cook our meals and keep us warm. It was amusing to see the sisters coming to camp, from all directions, with aprons loaded with Buffalo Chips, with which to start fires.

At night all the wagons were drawn up in a circle and each family would prepare and eat their own meal. During the evening some would rest from their weary journey of the day, while others would dance and try to make merry. One of the men of the company usually played the violin and many times I played the Harmonica for the people to dance. Before retiring for the night the whole company would sing a hymn and kneel in prayer. In the morning we would sing a hymn and have a prayer before starting our day. Then breakfast would be served. While we women were cleaning up the dishes and taking care of the food the men folk would be putting the yokes on the Oxen and then we would be on our way. The company was united as one large family. If one would start to sing the whole company would join in while traveling.

We had one big scare on our journey which happened one Friday night, September 22. We came to a camp where the brush was all piled up and ready for a fire. On a Buffalo skull we saw some writing which was as follows: "Captain Miner G. Atwood’s company camped here a few nights ago and were preparing camp when two of the women went to the spring for water. One of the women was carried off by the Indians and several of the men were wounded trying to rescue her. They never recovered her and the company left there and camped on a nearby hill." Our company left the spring also and camped at a dry camp on the hill. We were not molested but some of our cattle died of thirst. Our trip was enjoyable for the rest of the journey.

We arrived in Salt Lake City November 9, having been three months, lacking three days, on this journey. When we realized that we had actually reached our destination and our journey was over, our hearts went out in gratitude and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for His protective care over us and our safe delivery.