Transcript for Sketch of the Life of Eva Schubel Gerber, circa 1930s, 1

There [Nebraska] we camped a short distance from Nebraska City on the banks of the Missouri. Two days before starting on our trip across the plains, my sister Katherine died with mountain fever and was buried there. That left three of us as my brother was married and did not come with us and my sister Christine had died years before at the age of 13. My sister Barbara and myself walked most of the way across the plains. One day while preparing for the afternoon journey, the Oxen became frightened of Indians and ran away, breaking up some of the wagons and injuring some of the occupants. As my sister and I were walking, we escaped the accident. We were then detained about two weeks repairing the broken wagons and then we proceeded on our journey again. By this time, the weather was getting very cold and my feet became frozen.

Brigham Young sent mule teams to meet the emigrants, as there was not room for all of us, the women with children went first and we young girls had to wait for the second teams that he sent out. We landed in Salt Lake City some time in November of the same year.