Transcript for "Anna Matilda Jensen Smith, Our Living Pioneer," 1.

From New York, we continued our journey to Missouri, Nebraska and stayed there a year, where we were joined by my two older sister [Anne], Maria [Jensen Peterson] and Marianne [Jensen Hansen], along with their husbands [Peter Peterson and Neils Christian Hansen] and children. The word Nebraska always brings back memories of corn mush and bread-also pig weed greens, which I have never learned to relish to this day.

August 13, 1866, we started across the plains by ox team in Capt. Abner Lowerys Company. I remember gathering wild berries and finding blue and white beads, in ant piles, along the trail. The beads being like the ones the Indians use for decorating their clothing.

Colera broke out and among the many dead, who were buried along the trail, was my sister Maria's husband, Peter Peterson, and their baby son Parley.

We arrived in Salt Lake City, October 22, 1866.