Transcript for Smith, Elizabeth Fovargue, Journal 1884-1891, fd. 1

The night before we started from Keokuck we had a heavy thunder and rain storm[.] the wind blew down our tent and gave us such a washout as we had never witnessed[.] our beding and our clothing were soaking wet so Mother Smith said they must all be washed[.] so on monday morning as soon as the storm stoped at it we went[.] we had just got through washing and hung the things on the bushes to dry when presedent Jacob Gates came round to our tents he told us to be ready to start on our journey in half an hour of course the things were not half dry we traveled until dark then camped in high grass which was very wet but we had to lay our beding down in the grass[.] we did not take cold for the Lord can take care of his Saints[.] we had quite a tedeious journey but I enjoyed it[.] we used to rest on Sundays when there was plenty of feed and warter for the animals[.] we woman folks used to look out for wood and pack it in our Dress skirts[.] Some time we was told to do our washing and cooking on Sunday as we would start monday morning at sunrise[.] one Saterday we camped at a place w[h]ere there was large beds of strawberrys[.] I got up on sunday morning as soon as it was light and gathered a large pan full and made some pies[.] we walked most of the way[.] there was several sick persons in our waggon[.] we reached Council bluffs on the 3 of July[.] the people selebrated the fourth of July so allso our people with fireing of guns[.] there was several dances for both old and young[.] I suppose they had good times. we staid at the bluffs several days then commenced our journey over the Deserts and plains[.] when the wether was faire we enjoyed our selves with telling storys or reading or gathuring flours to throw away allso gathering bufelow chips to burn[.] some times the Sun was so warm we would take of[f] shoes and stockings and bonnets and have Umberrellers[.] at another time we would have to put on all the wraps we could command[.] the last 7 weeks we was traveling James had the chills and fever so bad his life was despared off[.] he was not able to walk so he had to go into the waggon and so Mother Smith and I had to walk and then do all the chores when in camp[.] we got very short of food the last few weeks we where traveling[.] when we was about two journey from the Valley Brother Gates sent Richard Waddington on to the Valley to see if there was any provisions could be sent out to the people[.] he came back to the camp[.] he had seen several people that had friends in the company and they came out with what provisions they could spare[.] Thomas Cottam came out to meet us and brought his ox team with some flour and potatoes and mellons[.] he met us on the Big mountain where we camped at night[.] we was very hungry and tired[.] I had had nothing to eat all day and for several days but a little half-cooked Buffa meat. had some ruff mountains to climb and Thomas darenot let us have half enough to eat for fear we should be sick[.] we had some potatoes and hard or heavy dumplings and he gave us a little warter mellen[.] mother smith got very sick with the change off feed[.] we left Elder Gates company and traveled alone over the little mountain and through Emegration Cannion[.] arived at Salt Lake City on the 29th of October 1853 about six oclock in the evening[.]