Transcript for Smith, George A. "To the Editor of the Luminary," St. Louis Luminary, 10 November 1855, 199

Sept. 30th. 1855.

Although the senior editor of your valuable journal is taking an airing in the mountain gorges, I do not feel altogether disposed to stop my monthly correspondence, but take pen again to note some of the principal events which are transpiring in this corner of Zion.

It is a day of progress; and although in July a great portion of the crops were utterly destroyed, and the new sowing pinched with drouth, we believe that through the blessing of the beneficent Creator enough has been made in the territory to keep the people from starvation. A considerable portion of the late corn crop ripened, and should severe frosts keep off a few weeks longer, the prospect for corn bread can be considered favorable, but there will certainly not be the least surplus. Many cattle have died from drinking the poisonous water from low stagnant pools.

Captain [John] Hindley's company arrived here on the 3d. Danes got in on the 7th. The First Division of the P. E. Fund Company under [Richard] Ballantyne, arrived on the 25th. The 5th Company under Moses Thurston arrived on the 28th. . . .

Yours &c.